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(In which Creepy Old Men look at Breasts, tell Ladies to shut up about God, and ask a Friend to try Something New.)

As the Hybrid speaks, Boomer dances for Cavil, shirtless. It does not look comfortable, and it might not be Boomer, but given the episode and given what follows, maybe that's where she's headed. Maybe that is what the show needs to do to her. Maybe that's all the show can think to do to her, having done everything else to her besides make her fuck Gaius Baltar. Because only a truly evil show would force anybody else to do that at this point. Right?

In the meantime, and before we get to the point of this series of moments, let's play Hybrid Theatre. "...The excited state decays by vibrational relaxation into the first excited singlet state..." (Heat up a thing, excite it, and sometimes it'll split in two -- to our lame-ass senses anyway -- but eventually the anarchy of angels and entropy will slow things down enough that the Magic Eye picture of conflict will resolve itself back into UrSkeks and we can all chill out, so to speak. Unities will reveal themselves into that first excited singlet state, back when we could be happy, could go merrily.) "... yes yes and merrily we go reduce atmospheric nitrogen by 0.03% it is not much consolation that society will pick up the bits leaving us at eight modern where punishment rather than interdiction is paramount..." Well, attending to the Apocalypse -- How many Apocalypses is this now? Depends on who's counting -- does entail a certain amount of regret, that others will be picking up the bits and carrying on and calling you foolish and old, if they even remember who you are.

The punishment/interdiction thing is interesting, though. "Interdiction" means an intervening sanction, like, in the Church an interdiction means you can't partake of the Sacraments. So what's interesting is that if you set punishment alongside it, that's something that happens to you. You get smacked or yelled at or whatever. But interdiction is the opposite, it's having something not happen to you. You are denied, for example, the glory of heaven. (And how bad am I personally at reconciling the Sharon and Karl parts of my own heretical Hera upbringing? I got "interdiction" and "intercession" confused, and almost died of joy just now.) Which is so fucking Cylon, going along with their apophatic construction of God, that they need to be moving from a "punishment" (guilt) culture to an "interdiction" (shame) culture, just so they will fucking stop yelling at each other for five seconds, by worrying more about what they're giving up than what they're getting.

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