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Six of One

"They're tools, not pets. But in any case, it has to be done." "Says who?" asks Natalie, and Cavil says another awesome, dense line: "Says God Almighty the voice of reason, that's who. When are you gonna hear it?" Atheist Administrator doesn't admit Six's God, but he admits the voice of reason, machine logic, ones and zeroes, and that's the voice he hears and follows. And that is beautiful, because it's received wisdom, so again, compare to Roslin: take a bunch of drugs and read the Bible and see what happens/refuse to admit that you have a soul and RTFM and see what happens. Six of one...

Natalie gets close: "You don't have the authority to make any change without a majority vote." But he'd never push the issue if he hadn't thought of that, so fine, they vote. "The Fours [Simon, Cancer, who I had as Tigh or Anders] and Fives [Doral] will be on my side." Natalie's like, "Shut up, there will be a vote and you will bite me." Her last line is sad, and chilling, and beautiful as a song: "The Raiders hear what we hear." The sound of God, singing you home. That's what they hear. They will not harm their own.

"The Raiders are simple machines," he scoffs, and Natalie shakes her head. "No. Something extraordinary has happened. Something is calling to us. Pushing us to discover our origins, to understand our place in the universe." God, that's like verbatim Three. Don't push it, girl. Cavil doesn't play. "The Raiders are part of that, and the Final Five..." Cavil interrupts in a way that ends it all: "-- Are anywhere but with the humans."

(Anywhere. Think about that. The first rule of any of this shit should be that you can't prove a negative. And yet here's Laura saying, "Thrace cannot be a human," and Cavil saying with absolute certainty, "The Five are anywhere but." That's the cage: that's when Natalie folds her arms and makes that face, that Six face that means she's blocked but not down, that angry and frustrated face that means you need to watch the fuck out. And somewhere -- this has all happened before -- Creon's saying, "[This] should be thy heart's fixed law: in all things to obey thy father's will." So where do you go when you can't get out? What unexpected angles, what excited dimensions, when we unbend?)

Meanwhile, Chief's running late to his Super Secret Final Four meeting, because Cally is -- for once -- having trouble sleeping. Anders asks after Kara, and Tigh -- who is hilarious here, when he's not being sickening -- almost laughs. "I saw her. She's crazy as a latrine rat. If anything, she's more like Starbuck than ever." Which I love, because of course Tigh would recognize her crazy ass right now, but Anders is all, "Dude, she's my wife." Which is sweet. But the point, Tigh reminds him, is how Laura came this close to putting a bullet in her skull for possibly being a Cylon. "Someone you love might get a bullet in the head," he's saying, "Because everything has changed." Maybe right through the eye, even. "You are one! We bring attention to ourselves, we're frakked. If Starbuck is one of us, she's playing it big the other way."

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