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When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts

"Even if I did, I wouldn't. That son of a bitch never came back. He never called, he never wrote..." Wooden and silly, as usual, not to mention a ripoff of Lee's entire retroactive history with Bill, but whatever because the next line is golden: "So you quit playing to punish him?" Very good point. An essential point, not to mention the only line of worth in these scenes, as written. Good acting can save almost anything. "Come on, play me a song. It won't hurt. Come on. Come on, I'll show you. It's easy." Dragging her slowly back to him, like a father, laughing, making her laugh: "Come on, don't make me hurt you. Here we go. That goes there..." He takes her wrist in his hands; she smiles, and remembers. "And that goes there. Go ahead." It hurts too much. Music never solved anything. She plays three notes, and begins to weep. She wipes the tears away, like a girl; he murmurs soothingly and she begs him to play instead. "I'll play. I'll play if you play," he says. This is why he's here.

The showers are down, so Athena's down to sponging herself off in a sink before her six-day flight, and not looking forward to it. When the Eight comes in, Athena's relieved, hoping she'll be able to get a shower in time. But when she turns -- when she sees the girl's face directly -- she recognizes her immediately. But by then it's too late. Boomer takes her down.

The showers are down, so Boomer's reduced to sponging Athena's blood off herself in a sink. Helo enters, coming in behind her, flirtatious and sweet. "You didn't think I'd let you go on a six-day mission in deep space without a proper goodbye, did you?" Boomer laughs uncomfortably, but he's insistent. "Next flight team's not suiting up for another twenty." Her eyes dart to a toilet stall nearby; he doesn't notice, he comes on strong: the curve of her lips, the way she smells. How would Athena do this? She swam in the stream, once; the Eights know how she touches him. She runs away and he grabs her; she laughs again, to put him off. When he asks if something's wrong, when his brain starts working for a second, she grabs him and kisses him roughly; he pulls at her shirt.

At Joe's, Tory thinks for a second that Saul's drunkenly talking about something that matters: "Cottle was right. I never should have insisted on seeing him. His eyes were open. I wasn't ready for that." She's about to nod: "Little guy was looking right at me." He's talking about Liam. He's still talking about Liam.

Helo pushes her against the wall, and she shoves him back, kicking off her shoes as he pulls off his shirt and tosses it near the stalls. It falls at Athena's feet; she's bloody and gagged, slowly waking up in a nightmare. Flickering lights, indistinct shapes that resolve into a pair of people, fucking. And then one of them is her husband. And the other is the girl who tried to kill her daughter. He kisses her tenderly, and she begins to cry out, and in the flashing light, Athena silently weeps.

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