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When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts

Helo's running gun tape in the briefing room, calling out pilots for their dumb moves, when Athena pushes her way through the hatch. She's nearly naked, covered in bruises and cuts, barely standing. He jumps across to room to her side as she goes down; she fills him in quite succinctly: "In the locker room, it was Boomer. Did she get Hera?" Helo orders the pilots, the Six, to get a med team and alert CIC. "Let them know Boomer's loose. She's got my frakking kid!" He holds her close, and she lets him, as she screams. Her fists rise and fall, beating against his back like a drum.

Laura wakes up as Hoshi stalls Boomer on the flight deck. She gets nervous, and starts up her systems. Adama picks up the mic and calls her out by name: "Boomer, this is Galactica Actual. Return to checkers red and shut down." She nods, murmurs "Copy" guiltily, but turns her engines on. In the back, the crate shakes; Laura's head jerks up in her quarters. Bill's sad, and quiet, as he hoshis the CAP into position to intercept her. "If you launch, Boomer, I will shoot you down." She tells him she's got Hera onboard, and Laura's eyes grow wide, staring at the wireless. Saul runs in yelling about how she can't leave, and Bill hoshis to close the flight pods, which are apparently those arm things on the side of the ship. Hoshi notes that she's spooling up, and if she jumps she'll tear the ship apart, but Bill tells him again to retract them. She slips sadly out through the crack opens up, and Hotdog moves in to intercept, begging off-radio for her to stop, do anything but jump. She does, blowing a hole in the side of Galactica. Everywhere is smoke and shit, people falling down, tiles and pieces of the bulkheads cracking off and falling on people. Sickbay shakes and goes nuts. Bill feels her dying around him, and begins to cry. After all that. Laura falls, back and down, and collapses on the floor. CIC is black and groaning. The medics feel for Laura's pulse, and call for backup.

Chief runs around, saving the world, getting everybody going on repairs, when he notices Athena and Helo yelling at a deckhand, Dealino. The last thing he should say is, of course, the first thing he says: "But one Eight looks like another!" Instead of shooting him in the gut, day she's had, Athena just keeps asking WTF a kid was even doing going on a Raptor. Chief asks a knuckledragger what's up, and she fills him in. "Took Hera and just walked right out of the daycare." He stares up, feeling the same guilt as ever. All the times he covered for her before she shot the old man, back around again. He stumbles away, going crazy, while Athena and Helo continue to scream at the guy.

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Battlestar Galactica




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