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When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts

Ellen and Saul sit in the daycare, looking through her drawings. Ellen's exhausted. "Had to be orchestrated from the beginning. My escape, all of it. I was just a means to get Boomer here. Cavil wanted Hera, Boomer got her for him." It's just that cut-and-dried this week, as everybody gets shoved into position: "Hera's plugged into something that's manipulating all of us. Maybe Anders could help us." If he ever wakes up, Saul nods. And in sickbay, Kara plays the Opera House recording for him, lying against his chest, praying for relief. There's nothing worse than drifting, when you're a pilot, until you give in and remember to breathe. It's terrifying to exist. Chief wanders, running through the house on Picon, as the music gets louder, like a car driving away. She's not there; you can't even smell her there anymore. He runs out to the patio, back inside and upstairs to Dionne's room, but she's gone.

She was never there.

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Battlestar Galactica




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