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When The Pawn Hits The Conflicts

39,556 human survivors in the Fleet, and it occurs to me that while I felt great sympathy and love for Boomer, for a very long time, I don't actually know if she ever did anything worth liking her for. She hid from herself until she couldn't anymore, lost among a world of enemies, and then tried to kill herself. When she was resurrected on Caprica, she did the exact same thing. She would have died, too, if it weren't for Caprica and Chip Gaius giving her the option of saving Sam, and telling her she had a chance to redeem herself. That led to DEMAND LOVE and New Caprica, which were pretty terrible ideas in hindsight. You know what they say about good intentions. And after that, she was a bitch to Athena, tried to snap Hera's neck, and ended up feeling just as crazy and trapped as she had the whole rest of the time. I don't blame her for going to Cavil's side, but it does bum me out that she was so warped and sad that she stayed there. She's never done anything in particular to earn her own salvation, and the truly gross part is she would agree.

It's not entirely out of character, but then she's never really had any options. Even being reminded of her free will by Ellen didn't really help, because in this new tense cold war, the two sides she'd prefer to be on both want her dead. That's her fault -- the second part, at least. I guess it's possible that a little more kindness from Bill when she landed last week might have helped, but I don't know that he had any options there. Getting Queened doesn't mean you win, it means you can see every marker on the board, and for Boomer there's no alternative route. The more free will you have the more room you get to look around and see how truly fucked you are. Ask Kara, about the weight of just existing.

There are tremors and lights flickering all around the ship; on the bridge Hoshi worries, and in the sickbay Cottle stares around. Ellen and the Six and Eight that are always there shiver, and Cottle tells them that, while the readings are going crazy, unprecedented and bizarre, there's still nothing to indicate Sam's actually thinking in there. The Six offers that his brain is possibly rebooting, reorganizing as it heals, and he darts a look at Kara. "The last thing we need is you jerking our chains with a lot of quack ideas. So why don't you take them someplace else?" They leave, an Eight wondering if he couldn't be hooked up to a datastream, like the Hybrids do. Kara strokes his hands, noting that his eyes are open, and Cottle tells her it means nothing. He asks her to pull it together and get used to her husband's vegetative state, but she's quite clear with him: there's not a way to do that. He promises he'll let her know if anything changes. Back to existing. She cries quietly and strokes Sam's face; there is a flourish on the piano.

There's a saying, old, says that love is blind
Still, we're often told "Seek and ye shall find"
So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in mind
Looking everywhere, haven't found him yet

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