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The Stockdale Paradox

"Did I ever tell you about my summers with my uncle when I was a kid? Foxes would attack his henhouse all the time. Really pissed him off. He'd wake me up, we'd go with his hounds at night up into the hills looking for the fox. When the dogs smelled the scent, they'd go crazy. The pack would become a team, force the fox... Toward the river."

Saul plays his part, and asks what the foxes would do then. "Half would turn and fight." Cain, the altar, the Lie of War. "The other half would try to swim across." Adama, the Temple, the Lie of Earth. "But my uncle told me about a few that... they'd swim halfway out, turn with the current, and ride it all the way out to sea. Fishermen would find them a mile offshore. Just swimming." Saul nods. "Because they wanted to drown." Or maybe they were just tired, Bill says, and sighs. Nobody but Lee knew what that felt like, until today; not even Lee remembers that great notion now, what it costs and how it feels. The world ending all around you, and you just drift, peaceful.

The last thing Saul Tigh will do on Earth is walk out, into the billion years of ocean, where everything is grey. He will look out at the ruined world, and his legs will ache. He will be too tired to notice the water clutching at him, and he will keep walking, out into the tides, and the world will end again. But not like this.

Saul speaks so softly: "Well, Godsdamn it, Bill. We can't swim out to sea. I am the XO of this ship, you are the Commanding Officer. How is putting a bullet in your head gonna help Dee? It sure as frak isn't gonna help all the others who are thinking about doing the same Godsdamned thing. And what are they gonna do without the old man here to lead them?" He quickly empties the other gun, in case Bill's not done acting insane, but Bill just laughs, almost silently: "Lead them where, Saul?"


39,651 souls in the Fleet. A few hours ago there were 39,651 survivors. All alone in Colonial One, Lee stands before the whiteboard, too lonely to stand straight, and wipes away the 1 with his finger, and wipes one shocked tear from his eye. Kara enters behind him, in her flightsuit, shaken enough that she took the shuttle straight here. Leoben's down, and Laura doesn't love her anymore; Helo's never the same with her anymore, after Demetrius, Felix is still unsteady on his crutches. Who else is there? Who else do you look to, every single day, in order to remain yourself? Who is left of her family to remind her who she is? Who calls her body back to itself whenever she looks at him? She says his name softly.

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