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States Of Union

"As perverse as it may seem, I may actually owe these people a debt of gratitude."

Dualla stares at Lee, sitting in Joe's Bar.

"You know, I realize there's probably nothing I can say that can make this right."

She says nothing, but the tears are coming.

"But there's something you need to know. I asked you to marry me because I was in love with you. Just like I'm in love with you now."

"They forced me to admit my failings."

On camera, Gaius continues: "And now that I have, I feel positively liberated."

Dualla hasn't touched her drink. Love is the Turing Test for people. There's no relativity to the apocalypse which means Gaius's betrayal, or not, equates exactly to Lee's, even if it never happened. Or the rules Bill's breaking in himself.

"You were right, I loved Kara. And you know, maybe there's a part of me that always will."

"In my heart, I know I have always done what I've had to do." Gaius again.

"But I married you." He almost breaks down; his voice goes quiet. "I married you. And you know, when I look back at our marriage, at the time that we have spent together... You are good for me, Dee. And I need you. And I don't think I ever really realized that, till I knew that I was losing you."

Gaeta: "I can't promise you a trial, Doctor. But I'm sure that if you'll give them something."

It's Dualla's face, but Gaeta's voice. The tears coming down now. "...Anything."

"But please just give me another chance. That's all I'm asking. Just give me a chance. Please." Who's that talking? Everybody. Nobody. Anybody who ever betrayed anybody else. Anybody who ever loved.

From above, we watch Gaeta step forward, spread out star charts on the table. "These charts that I've been using, to plot our course to Earth..." He sits, nearly comfortable at the table, back in place, asking for approval from Dr. Gaius Baltar. Roslin watches this scene play out. "I've never been confident of my calculations."

Gaeta puts down his pen; Gaius picks it up again, back in his role. Unaware how easily Gaeta just caged him up again.

"That's lucky, because the calculations are wrong. I detect a number of inconsistencies right off the bat. You see, these figures here are wrong."

Gaeta stares up at the camera for a moment too long; Gaius notices before Gaeta can stare at something else that doesn't exist.

"The Cylon navigation systems are far more advanced than our own, but I have managed to commit many of their algorithms to memory," he says. "If you can offer them this kind of help, I'm certain at the very least they'll spare your life." Gaeta is smooth, buttered, a traitor. "Maybe we can even get you out of this cell, and offer you some proper quarters," he says, almost excitedly. Gaius looks at him and watches him say this; if you pause it, you can see the exact moment his heart breaks.

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