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States Of Union

There are rules you don't question and there are things you don't do.

Dualla watches Lee weeping for awhile, with her tears coming down; she takes his hand. When he looks up, she nods her head, just a little.

In exactly the same position, Gaius stares at Gaeta: "Creature comforts. There's the clincher."

Gaeta pretends ignorance; it's too late. "Where is it?" asks Gaius, ashamed of himself for believing even this long. How much of this was theatre? Is there a time going back that anything was real? Where's he supposed to stand? "Um, where is what, Doctor?" Gaius drops any semblance of anything; he's over it. His wrists flap as he gets sardonic: "Where is what?" He stares at the ceiling. Gaeta is worried, and sick, and sad. They both look up into camera. Roslin goes fuuuuuck. "So much for that little stratagem," says Tigh. Gaius waves at the camera: "Hello." What happens next?

Lee and Dee are still holding hands, at their table. He opens his mouth to say something, with a sad and somehow obtrusive, somehow perfect pop song playing, like the song for all breakups or fake makeups. Dualla spots Anders and Kara across the bar.

Anders spots Dualla and Lee across the bar. Kara catches Lee's eye, everybody retreats to corners, Kara clears her throat. Anders offers to leave, if she's not comfortable, and she touches his forehead with hers, smiling sweetly. He orders two whiskeys, straight up.

"I should have known that you'd betray me."

Gaius stands and begins to pace, trying to find a way out of this new cage. "What did you tell them? That you stayed behind till the grisly end on New Caprica, so you could what? So you could, uh -- you could feed information to the Resistance? Who do you think allowed you to do that?" Gaeta's jaw drops, grossed out: "That's a lie!" The sad thing is, it's not. There's nowhere to stand. "No, it's not a lie. You think I'm blind? You see, I literally had a gun pointed to my head [unnecessary flashback], but nobody forced you to play both sides." He's been gone all season; this gives him certain forms of blindness about what's gone on, but also certain clarities: Gaeta's not a very forgiving person, as we'll see shortly, but most of it's pointed back at himself.

"So I'm asking you...who is the real traitor in this room?"

Lee Adama touches his wife's forehead with his own.

Kara Thrace laughs, clinking a glass with her husband.

Anastasia Dualla Adama smiles at her husband, swallowing it again, singing along. Helping rebuild.

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