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States Of Union

Sam Anders makes a toast to his wife, and to himself, and to their marriage, and to their recreational drinking: "To the first of many." They down them and order a second round.

Kara doesn't look at Lee, until she does. He's kissing his wife and meeting her eyes. Lee doesn't look at Kara, until he does: she's laughing with her husband. His smile is sad but vindicated: Fine. Somewhere Chief and Cally are working it out. Lee kisses his wife. Kara's laugh carries across the bar; it never sounded so fake.

"I am not a traitor."

Except here, in this room, right now. Except when you're the carrot, Gaeta. But did he fall? Or was he pushed? "Because there are far worse things than being a traitor. Aren't there, Felix? If your friends only knew the truth." He takes him tenderly by the hair, leaning in close. "Don't worry. We'll keep that a secret."

Cut to the camera, looking down as Gaius silently whispers something into his ear; Gaeta's entire body goes stiff with rage. What did he say? It's in the gap.

Roslin cocks her head at the intimacy, and the reaction. Adama realizes they've gotta run, and everybody heads for the brig. Inside, Gaeta throws him down in the other chair: "Get away from me!" He jumps on him, across the gap, astraddle, and shoves the pen through his throat. "Frack you!" he screams.

The Sergeant enters, ordering Gaeta away from the prisoner. "Step away from the prisoner. I will not ask you again." Gaius stares up, betrayed, bleeding out. Noose, hands, pen. Adama tells the Marine to stand down, and orders Gaeta away from Gaius. He's got him in a headlock, like a hostage. How much of this is theatre? "No, no, no, sir, I can't, I can't let him live, not after what he's done." Just now? Or were you waiting all this time?

Roslin flicks her eyes at Bill, and circles toward him: "Mr. Gaeta. Mr. Gaeta, wait please. Look at me. I understand what you're feeling." He shuffles away from her and says she doesn't. I'm starting to feel like that's maybe true. "Yes, I do. The other night, you didn't come here to interrogate Dr. Baltar. You came here to kill him, didn't you? I understand that. I do." She does, but how much of this is theatre? Bill knocks the kid down and Cottle grabs the still-spurting Baltar, while Roslin drops to Gaeta's side. Cottle pronounces Gaius still not dead: "He missed the artery." As Cottle orders a gurney for Gaius, Roslin tells the Marine helping Gaeta up to go easy on him. She just remembered how -- and how close she was to falling into the same gap, with nowhere to stand. Felicitous, isn't it, that once again, circumstances have conspired to stop her before she went too far. I just didn't expect her to be the ones applying the brakes to Bill the dove, of all people. I think Bulldog got to him more than we thought, that's what I think.

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