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Roslin enters Baltar's cell, telling the Sergeant to leave the door open. She speaks tenderly, friendly, softly: "Hi." He stares at her and she hands him his glasses. There's a totally fracking unnecessary flashback to this callback from New Caprica, in case you don't remember that, but not in a way where it illustrates anything beyond the token gesture of getting back some small amount of power, the ability to focus on objects, while you stay in your cage. He finally takes them, and then she pulls out a tiny little tiparillo Swisher Kara smoke, lighting it with a Zippo. He stares like it is a naked lady on fire; she finally hands it over. Creature comforts; that's the clincher, always. (This is the first time I have found Gaius attractive in the entire history of the show; that's so, so troubling. I've been in Austin too long, is what that means.) His desperation as he takes the smoke from her is not easy to watch. "Touché, Madame President," he says, standing as she sits. "I have no wish to see you suffer," she says. He points out -- a little crazily -- that he recently had a feeding tube forced up his nose and down his throat. Imagine that, choking and breathing like that. Not even having that choice. Not even having that much room to stand.

She grins brightly, putting on lots of faces at once, trying to keep control; last time she fled the room altogether. "Everybody's gotta eat!" she says, with a little steel behind it, but mostly like a crazy TV personality. "It's for your own good. And it's nothing," she says, segueing like a master, "Compared to what many of our people were subjected to in your jail cells on New Caprica." He sits, eyes sad: "Not my jails. The Cylons'." She calls it academic, and tells him to just tell her what she wants to know, and she'll end his suffering. "I know nothing about the Cylon plans or their whereabouts. I witnessed nothing in that Temple. My information on Cylon intelligence is limited, to say the least." No kidding! You could not have chosen a worse lunch table to sit at on the Basestar if you'd shown up with Sharon Agathon herself. There's no way you could get in with the cool kids acting like that. How weird is it to have this whole thing go down in a way where he actually is innocent? He can't tell them anything, because he doesn't know anything, and argue the precedents of U.S. law or not, intention is crucial to treason, and anyway that's not what it's about. We're still in guns-in-the-Temple territory, it's just now, instead of Tigh, it's the most surprising people. "Truth and reconciliation" can mean shit-all when you've got the man himself in your hands, right? When there's no rule about what you can and can't do to him, because for good or ill he's your racial scapegoat? The one person that all of humanity can agree deserves to go to Hell? The way he carries all those sins upon his back -- and there's no rule that says you can't break him. The second-tier types already had Gaeta to kick around: for Roslin and Adama, only the best.

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