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The smashingly debonair Rescue Raptor Pilot Red Devil goes out searching for Buster and Shark and the rest, and picks up some staticky transmissions. "Buster, is that you? Buster, this is Red Devil, man. Is that you, buddy? Come back to me." Possibly Shark comes in clearer: "Power failure...oxygen's almost us. For love of the Gods, help." Trap, clearly.

Apollo alerts Garner, feverish with the exposition of shit we just saw: "One of our search Raptors just picked up a possible distress signal from near where Pegasus lost communications with Buster's ship." Garner's response is telling, because the universe works like a ship engine, and obviously the "machine failure" possibility is the right one, so it was only a matter of time: "Finally!" Lee's not sold. "Possible distress signal. There's a theory that Buster himself might have jumped away to run down a phony distress call. It could be a trap." Garner totally scoffs. "Is this your theory, Major? This is Captain Thrace's theory, is it not?" Meaning, of course, that it is wrong. "Kara does not work like a watch or a ship engine" is a true thing you could say about her. Garner thorntons for a lock on the source of the signal. "Yes, sir, it's long range, over forty S.U. [no idea] away." Garner tells him to prepare for jump, and Apollo comes around the board toward him: "Sir! This isn't just Captain Thrace's theory. I think this is a Cylon trap, and..." Garner disagrees and tells him to -- get this -- "get Admiral Adama on the line. I'm going to get our men." He's wrong-headedly using Adama's logic verbatim against the confusion of Lee/Starbuck's logic, the way Bill used his own illogical response against the Cain/Fisk heartless logic before the Resurrection Ship Battle. Perfect act-out, and intentional callbacks are hot.

Coming back from commercial, I want Adama's first response to be "Well, what does Starbuck think?" I will send Ron Moore $10 in an envelope if this happens. "Admiral," snits Garner, "We finally got the break we've been looking for: bearing on the distress signal. I can jump there inside of two minutes." In other words, "Are you proud? Let me prove what a bad-ass I am on something other than Starbuck, please." Adama: "Commander, believe me, I understand how you feel. But the Cylons have been known to lure ships into traps. Using fake distressed calls. Have you considered that?" Oooooooh. That's even meaner than what I wanted. $20, then. "We have, sir. It's a scenario we don't think likely." Oh, the pronouns. Adama calls it out: "'We.'" Apollo actually sighs, like, "You're actually going to make me do this?" Adama: "Major Adama, do you concur?" Even Garner is like, "Oh, hell." $30! "Sir. Captain Thrace and I are of the opinion that the first two Raptors may very well have been lured away by just such a trick." He's guilty having to do this, but looks into Garner's eyes the whole time, like a man. Garner looks away: "An opinion I do not share, sir." Adama makes the call. "We'll send a recon mission in full force. Five Raptors. Three escort, two rescue. You have your orders, Commander." Garner, disgusted ("If it weren't for those meddling kids!"), thanks Adama, and hangs up: "Thank you, Major. I'm sure your expertise is needed elsewhere." Sickening to have to watch someone do this kind of damage control on the kind of thing he should have earned by now. The door/walls in the Pegasus CIC are awesome. They're rotating glass panels that, when rotated open, combine it with the room next door. When they all open at once it's very shiny and beautiful. Apollo assents, and they are both grossed out.

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