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Thornton scrambles the Pegasus Vipers as Case explains to the confused Apollo that they're about to jump. Apollo's first response is to shout to Starbuck, "Get down to the hangar deck!" before running off. She's like, "Huh?" And he runs back: "Look. You're the best pilot we've got. So get down there. Find a Viper." If the Commander's fracking up the chain of command, Apollo might as well help the pilots live. What is it about Pegasus jumping directly into suicidal traps? Kara takes off, shouting joyously (and only a little bit snottily), " It's about time you admitted that!"

Apollo heads into CIC for a sitrep. Garner: "This is a rescue mission, Major." On whose authority? "Mine. I'm bringing my pilots home." Lee brings up the trap thing again, "with all due respect," and asks if a recon wouldn't be a better first step. Garner: "My pilots are dying down there, Major! I'm going in, I'm not waiting on recon!" They're already dead if Apollo's right, jackass. "Commander," says Apollo, again in a very forthright, advisory tone -- I love the way he deals with Garner, so much -- "This is in direct violation of the Admiral's orders." Garner, of course, immediately tells him to get lost. Apollo: "Making this an illegal action on your part, sir!" "You are relieved," Garner orders again, his voice rising. They yell at and over each other about how each is mutinous and each will have to be in charge of Pegasus and each will just need to be arrested. A Marine steps up. "Sergeant, the Commander's been properly relieved. Escort him to his quarters," says Apollo. Garner: "This man is not a member of this crew, and you will obey a direct order that you have been given by me, and you will do it now." Lee thinks the Marine will side with him. So do I. The Marine takes out his gun -- happy with none of this -- and asks Lee to accompany him to quarters.

Gaeta registers the Pegasus jump. Adama looks down, and his voice goes like this: "Argh!" Dualla gets worried, because if Lee dies, she'll probably forget to breathe or eat regularly, because she's only an extension of him now.

The Pegasus has arrived in the middle of their stupidity trap, and the dradis interference is apparently no longer a problem. Lucky, that. Garner hoshis for the recovery team, so very proud of himself.

Red Devil nears the two missing Raptors, scanning his spotlights across them. "Pegasus, Red Devil. Our two birds look intact." There's spooky music as Garner awaits the report. You can't really see inside the Vipers yet. "Commander, we're unable to raise the Raptors on wireless." Getting closer, the Raptors can see holes in the windscreens, bloody helmets, dead Buster and dead Shark: "Oh, my gods. Pegasus, both Raptor crews are dead. I repeat. They're all dead." Garner gets all worried as the music goes nuts. A Basestar jumps in on top of them. Thornton: "Sir, three Cylon base ships just jumped into weapons range." The Basestars launch nukes, and two of them detonate on the Pegasus. Act-out on Garner's complete fear and confusion. "I really did out-Tigh Tigh this time," he thinks. "I screwed that pooch right."

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