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There are blasts and explosions all along the body of the Pegasus. In CIC, the beautiful doors I was just admiring shatter, sending glass everywhere. Smoke, explosions, turbulence. The screens flicker on and off in CIC, showing hits across the whole board. We focus on Garner's wristwatch, oh humble machine, and pan up to him, getting thrown down on his arms across the board. "Damage report?" Everywhere, alarms, lights flashing. "Two nuclear detonations in the stern, sir," says Thornton. "FTL drive inoperative, sir," says Hoshi. "We're stuck here, sir," says Thornton. Somewhat less than helpfully.

Vipers launch and Starbuck gives orders: "All right, Showboat. You take red squadron, hit 'em on the right. Catbird, you take green, hit 'em on the left. The rest of you, follow me. We're going straight up the gut."

In the rapidly dissolving chaos of the Pegasus CIC, Apollo suggests that the Marine Sergeant who arrested him might have better stuff to be doing right now. The guy nods and bounces, leaving Apollo checking the screens. Garner's on the phone with fucking Engineering, screaming, "Oh, then the spinner's fine? It's gotta be a sensor. Just pull it. No, no, listen to me. Listen to me. Just pull it, pull it!" That's kind of sad, because he's stuck doing this job he's crap at when he would rather be rocking out at the job he's good at. I wonder if, when we'd met him, it was down there, would we feel differently about this now? I'd be more sympathetic, I think. But. We didn't. So do your job, asshole. There's another nuclear explosion, which Hoshi helpfully points out. "We have structural damage along the topside heat exchanger." Apollo asks Garner how long it will be before the FTL drives are working, and he doesn't know. "They don't seem to understand." Okay, he's dead, because he just went from totally ridiculous to totally sympathetic in like four inches of script. I shan't be crying for him. "I need to go down there." Apollo stares and they think for awhile, and Garner takes off, to contribute what he actually has to contribute, telling Apollo, "You have the con." Thornton and Hoshi watch Apollo slowly figure this out. If you're scared to drive a car, after your car crash, and somebody puts you in charge of an airliner? Fuck that, dude. I haven't had nightmares like that since high school. "Yes, sir. I have the con," he says, mostly to himself. "Make for the nearest base ship. And roll us over to keep our top side out of their line of fire. Hoshi, contact Starbuck in case...uh, tell them I've assumed command. And to concentrate on protecting our top side." Apollo looks around. Everything is different.

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