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Kara wilcos, "We got your back," as, in Galactica CIC, Gaeta and Adama await contact they won't be receiving because of the pulsars. Adama looks up at the ceiling and prays, I think. Well, thinks very hard. And glares.

Garner pushes through the injured and broken in the Pegasus engine room, takes a bright blue-white flashlight from somebody to get to the jump drives.

Hoshi tells us they're heading right for the base ship, and warns against the damage they're sustaining. Apollo thorntons: "Helm. Steady as you go. Have the bow battery stand by for a salvo fire. Target their center axis. See if we can't cut down the odds." To the sound of the garbled wireless, he continues to work it out aloud. "We need those FTLs fixed soon or we're dead." Thornton gives him a distance and tells him the main battery has a firing solution. Close-up on Apollo: "Fire." The basestar takes major damage. Damn. No wonder they call our girl the Bucket.

Inside the crazy FTL area of the engine room, things are very pretty. The blue light Garner's got lights him up like a Christmas tree, and there's a really cool shutter speed happening, and it's very, very beautiful. One crewman explains that the coolant in the FTL room is "off-scale low," and Garner surmises that the "primary inlet" is "choked." The crewman says that the continual drop in pressure means a hull breach, and Garner explains that the only option is to manually open an auxiliary valve. As Garner changes into his own red shirt, the guy explains that doing this is way too dangerous because the room where the breach is will be without oxygen. Garner: "We don't have a choice. Now, open the hatch." The guy does, and he enters, and it is so, so beautiful. "Breathing gear?" Nope, that all got used up in the firefighting. "Give me sledge and a number 12 spanner." While I think it would be cool if he could somehow rig up some kind of scuba gear with a wrench and a hammer, I highly doubt that's how this will end. "Now close this hatch behind me." The guy hesitates, worried, and Garner yells at him:. "We're losing air! Close the Gods-damned hatch. Close it!" The guy -- whose face is covered in an inordinate amount of sticky black stuff -- closes it, and the O2 gauge outside the hatch reads 30, in the yellow.

Pegasus fires at the Basestar, over and over. Hoshi reports that it's turning and running, which is exciting and good, but the other two are now "coming hard," which is less good. Apollo orders them to turn again, and out in her Vipers, which are going nuts on the Basestars, Kara laughs madly at us over her shoulder. My girl's back!

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