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Outside a locked hatch in the Galactica pilots' quarters, Duck and somebody else are banging on the door. "Hey! Whoever's in there, time's up! Let's go, come on! Gotta a couple of tired Viper jockeys out here wanna sleep." Apollo shouts at Duck to go take a shower first, and opens the drapes of the rack. He sits up and groans, still stiff where he got Thraced. Dualla lies in the rack behind him, setting up lots of questions for him to knock down with his new, incredibly intense and wordy Exposition Infection. I'd say he caught it from Roslin, but I don't think they've met. In a nutshell: it's been a month since the hostage situation on Cloud 9, and Cottle has cleared Apollo for duty after the shooting, although he's still not flying due to his agoraphobic post-trauma stuff. Dualla is adorable wiggling around in the sheets the way you do: "So, you ready to go into the belly of the Beast?" The "Beast" is the nickname for Pegasus, and the "Bucket" is what they call Galactica. That's pretty funny, I like that. Apollo leans back in to kiss her, using metonymy to segue back to romance-land: "Don't we make a pair?" So...which one's the Beast and which one's the Bucket? Neither of them are interesting enough to be all that that Beastly, but I wouldn't call them Buckets either. They make out and Dualla's all resistant and Apollo's all cutesy and flirty, and they are doing a good job of selling this whole "they've now been dating at least a month" vibe.

Dualla finally pushes Apollo out of bed, and we see he seems to favor boxer-briefs. They chat while he puts his uniform back on. "It's only a temporary assignment," he explains writh regard to his transfer to the Beast, which means it's him that's the Beast in the relationship. And it's adorable that he thinks that. "I should be back again in a couple of weeks." So I guess this whole time he's not been on Pegasus command, which jibes with his CAG vibe in "Scar," so we're going with that. "Why'd the old man pick you?" asks Dualla, like she needs to. Apollo: "One word: Starbuck." Dualla sits up, and she plays this very canny:. "Is she in hack again?" She says this in a family, hilarious way, which is smarter than being all, "That problem personage?" because -- given the quad...triangle, now -- that would be dumb and less than supportive. Apollo giggles. They should be talking through a mirror in this scene, is how intimately and well they're doing this. Apollo: "Not yet. But apparently, she's been driving Commander Garner up one bulkhead and down the other ever since she took over flight training on -- what'd you call it?" Short-term memory loss is the first sign of Exposition Infection. She stretches and crosses the room, putting her arms around Apollo from behind. "And since I won't be flying combat for a while, I..." Dualla plays with his uniform's band collar -- and its new insignia -- as he dresses, and asks, "Were you going to mention these?" "Oh yeah," Apollo shrugs. "Got promoted to Major." She's very proud, but not like Ellen about it. Just happy for him. She can't do all that jealous girlfriend shit, or the "that's my man" shit, because it's not who she is: she's the one that calls him home. "Well, don't sound so happy!" she jokes. He sighs, "Doesn't mean much," and he has no idea how true that is, because in this episode, the promotions flow like moonshine. She chides him, and he grins, turning: "Oh, well, if you say so, then it must be true." Then -- this is awesome -- she kisses him pushing him back onto a table, and all we see are her legs flopping up in the air as she kisses him. So cute.

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