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The reporters all go nuts as Roslin and her staff, forgotten, walk quickly out of the press room. "Are you resigning the vice-presidency? Are you a one-issue candidate? Are you being disloyal to the President?" The crowd sound disappears. Gaius looks over all their heads at Six, who is all lit up. Inside and out. She slowly, slowly claps her hands for him, over and over again, as the crowd sound retreats altogether, their bustle gone slow-motion. Clap, for the death of the republic. Clap, for the precedent of Geminon. Clap, for religion and politics all mashed up. Clap, for the 43rd person in the line of succession putting a fundamentally religious issue at odds such that it is removed from the constitution itself. Clap, for manipulation of entire people's political identity for personal ambition. Clap, for the slow erosion of supposedly inalienable rights in order to win an election. Clap, for God and God's plan, in the hands of an atheist scientist who still somehow believes he's God favorite, special friend. Clap: The only time I ever met George Sr. and Barbara Bush was at the opening of a Planned Parenthood in Midland, Texas. Clap: True story. Clap for platforms over personal ethic. Clap, for getting the President to turn her face away from her truth in order to support an alien agenda. Clap, for the curious interplay of "temporary religious values" for primarily a gain in power. Clap, for the death of the Federalists, the first steps toward tyranny, clap for reinforcing parental ownership of their children as chattel, clap for back-alley outlaw abortions, clap for the next time Roslin says she won't negotiate with terrorists, and how that really means "Only lobbyists need apply." Clap, and clap, and cut to black. And one more clap in the darkness.

Next week: a Boomer awakens on Caprica, freaking out about her traitoration. She screams at D'Anna, disgusted by her true nature. D'Anna thinks this is HILARIOUS. D'Anna is the best. This might be the one, for me: Cylons! Boomer! D'Anna! Excelsior!

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