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In the Galactica hangar, Cally brings Chief (Chief!) a problem with a just-delivered cargo container the size of a Hummer. "We were unloading one of the containers and then one of the crates shifted." Caution: pregnant girls may have shifted in transit. "So we looked inside, and saw that something was moving." They peer inside the crate as Cally explains they locked that bitch up straightaway and called the Marines immediately. This was the right thing to do, but Chief's not the kind of guy to sit around like that: "Give me a light." They all cluster around as he unlocks it, and Cally warns him to wait, but he opens it against her protests. Inside, there's a distinctly Alien face-hugger vibe as he sweeps the (surprisingly empty-ish) crate with the light. A girl crawls out, finally, and the camera takes its time revealing that we don't recognize her. What if it's a Cylon we know? "Is this the Galactica?" asks the girl, Rya. What if it's a Cylon we don't? She looks and behaves somewhat like Selma Blair, but without the stylish total lack of innocence. She asks if Chief is Doc Cottle, and we drop to her full belly. Oh, I get it. Topical. How bad's this going to get? Chief is worried, and the scared girl blinks in the spot, which he has helpfully forgotten to take off her very young face.

Pegasus CIC. Buster, and Shark all wig about the dradis interference, having one of those cell-phone conversations ("Can you hear me?" "Hey, are you..." "Hey, can you...are you there?"). Outside 718's windscreen, it's all clouds, zero visibility -- drives it home. Buster offers to spin up the FTL drive just in case things get hairy as Shark calls in the emergency and Hoshi can't hear her. "Pegasus...distress." Hoshi tries to confirm the emergency call as Commander Garner enters Pegasus CIC. I like how we're using radio interference to delay the whole story, like in the first run against Scar when we didn't know the whole Kat/Kara story yet. Hoshi explains to Garner about the possible emergency transmission, and Garner starts pacing. They watch as the Raptors blink off dradis, and we get a close-up of Garner, clearly in the weeds after being onscreen exactly thirty-seven seconds. The exteriors on the Raptor shots are totally gorgeous, thanks to the pulsar issue -- all nebula-looking clouds and big bright spots off the lens, as the Raptors slowly fade from our screens, too, in the light. Brilliant.

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