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Credits. 49,584 souls in the Fleet, meaning at least one baby has been born since at least seven people died on Cloud 9 -- I don't know if this is purposeful, but it would be even more ironic, given this episode, if it had stayed constant, or even raised slightly.

Lee's now on Pegasus, heading down a corridor toward CIC. Starbuck, skulking, sees him coming and drops in behind him: "Welcome aboard, Major." Lee looks back at her and keeps walking: "I didn't expect a welcoming committee." Surprise, surprise, they haven't spoken since Starbuck shot him. That's very Lee, and very Kara -- and I wonder just how much of it arises from her implicit acceptance of Dualla's role in Lee's life last week/a month ago. She's probably just been nursing that for a month: "I know I dated the wrong brother, but that doesn't mean you have to date the wrong sister!" Note to all: date outside your adoptive gene pool and this shit won't happen. Off Apollo's "welcoming committee" line, Starbuck scoffs. "Don't flatter yourself. I was in the neighborhood." Yep, just standing and lurking and loitering in the neighborhood and ignoring the fact you're on shift. He ignores her, entering CIC.

Garner welcomes Apollo, and gives him the sitrep: "We have just lost contact with two of our Raptors out on a training mission." Starbuck is agog, and Garner calls her on the thing I just called her on, which is nice: "Captain Thrace. Perhaps if you were actually down on the flight deck and monitoring your Raptors the way any training officer worth a damn would have done, you would know that four of our pilots were missing." This will get sloppy in a second, but right now Garner's right. He nods with his head to indicate a private conference, shutting Kara out. She takes off, rightfully pissed now for a few reasons, not the least that Lee is -- as far as she's concerned -- playing the Big Brother card, the "let the adults talk" card. Which he's generally doing to everybody that's not Lee Adama, but with her, it's really hurtful. "They disappeared from the dradis about an hour ago. They're gone..."

In the Pegasus showers, all the pilots are chatty and worried and half-naked. Starbuck enters, bitching from go: "Shut the hell up! We lose two Raptors in a training mission, and I only find out when the Commander throws it in my face?" They all go silent, feeling guilty. But this part, I don't get, because she may not be part of the crew, but it's her training mission. She's the guy on that. So is Garner really that bad at this? Because not even Michael onThe Office (Great Scott!) is this crizappy. "Don't all speak at once!" Starbuck thunders. The nearest pilot clears his throat: "Sir, it's been made clear that discussing flight-deck situations with anyone outside Pegasus crew is not allowed. Sorry, sir." He does mean it nicely -- even does that "focusing on the person's left cheek" thing that means you're embarrassed. They all stand around looking at their bare feet. Starbuck: "Of course it was. So: barely competent and paranoid. Huh, there's a hell of a combination." And since Garner's the uber-Tigh, the Pegasus version really -- especially where Starbuck's concerned, apparently -- I'm guessing we're eliding a lot of her fucking with him this last month; he's gotta push hers as well as she pushes his. She stalks off, aiming to misbehave.

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