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I like it when Roslin takes her meetings up in First Class. I wish I understood the Colonial One's architecture better, I never know where anything is. Roslin smiles sadly at a picture of herself with Billy -- thank God and "one month later" we didn't have to watch her deal with that grief, or with her rage at Adama, with whom she's now chummy, and only have to watch this obvious sign language for "She's still kind of sad but it's okay now." Tory Foster, former politico in Delphi on Caprica, is Billy's replacement as head/only aide. She's gorgeous and funny and smart and snappy; she's like on loan from The West Wing -- same frisky brilliance, same wry humor, same dedication to the Fleet, same kind of storyline as introduction. She apologizes for interrupting Roslin's Billy time for a campaign meeting: "We've been putting it off for weeks -- and we do have a Presidential election coming up, unless you've decided not to run...." Roslin smiles and drops a Laura bomb on her: "Yeah, and to be perfectly honest with you, Tory, I've thought about it a few times." I love when she just cuts you dead with her process like that. Tory blinks. "But, um, no, I'm still here. There's so much to do. So..." She breathes, putting it all aside like she does: "Let's talk politics."

Tory produces the results from "our first Fleet-wide poll" -- the "our" here refers to humanity, because it's important we realize she's a bad-ass political mind, just like Mark-Paul Gosselaar. This is because we have to trust Tory because she is a total Cylon. "How did you manage this?" Roslin asks. Tory smiles proudly: "I was precinct captain for the Federalist party in Delphi for five years. We did polls to see what the mayor should have for lunch." Note: Federalist. Colonist Rights. Not universalizing particular Colonies' beliefs over the objections of their sisters'. I'm going out on a limb here, but I think Tory's a bit more on the side of individual Colonies, based on that dropped fact, than a centralized government. Which is Roslin is totally not, at least not anymore, because there's no republic, here, but it also makes me wonder how Tory feels about Tom Zarek, given that the subjugation of Sagittaron was the whole reason for his terrorism in the first place. That's a lot to pull from one aside, but it's better than just typing "Total Cylon. Total Cylon. Total Cylon" over and over. And with an anvilicious name like that, Tory's gotta be one or the other, so I'm glad they went with the irony. Roslin smiles -- guess she picked her replacement well! -- and Tory gives her a précis: "For what it's worth, you've managed to walk a very fine line. Your Presidential bid has the support of both the military and the civilian Fleet, and you've received enthusiastic endorsements from the Geminese religious leaders." Roslin laughs that "it helps when your only real rival is a convicted terrorist," which makes Tory giggle, because it's funny, but I guess we have our answer re: Tory on Zarek. Oh well. Total Cylon. At least she has the grace to not add: "And the Geminese! I bet it really helps your numbers with them that you're a full-on cult leader, Madame Freak!"

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