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Pegasus briefing room. Meet the very shockingly pretty (if -- and I mean no offense here, I think it's a distance over time issue, because take a look at Natasha Henstridge's IMDb listing some time, and she's like the prettiest girl ever -- slightly Outer Limits, B-actress, anthology series-looking) Captain Marcia "Showboat" Case, flight leader of Pegasus's Red Squadron. Welcome to Stephanie von Pfetten, of whom I hope to see more. Maybe she can get into a bar brawl and/or romance with Kat, or stab her to death, or something. She's clearly in command here, though, and snaps everybody to attention as Apollo enters. "At ease. Where's Stinger?" he asks, hoping he's not going to have to give him a wedgie now that he's a Major. I wish Cain had shot Stinger, dude. "He's in hack for mouthing off to Garner. Stepped on his precious little toes." Case, also exasperated with Garner's bullshit, leads a rousing laughter chorus among them all about what a dick he is. Apollo shouts into the din: "All right, lock that up!" And since he's not their boss or buddy, he has to do this with a "you suck" look at Kara, which is smart, because it gets them in line without making them think he's not a good commander, because Starbuck's the lightning rod. Which is how she likes it, so no damage there either. Apollo goes on: "Get something straight. We got two missing Raptor crews who are gonna be out of oxygen in thirty-six hours." Of course, this is very important to Apollo, since it's the first episode of all time that this hasn't ended up happening to him. Kara is sad and worried and hurt, all the same amount. "...That's all that matters. So, everyone knock off the schoolyard crap and start doing your frackin' jobs." Everybody drops their eyes, because, you know, Apollo's right. Garner's being a tool doesn't exempt them from the emergency. Apollo: "Now...we need to start thinking outside the box. Which is supposed to be what you do best," he adds at Kara. I am pretty sure this is part of an apology, frankly. She apologizes to him, "Major," and Apollo asks for all the intel there is about the Raptor crews. "Personal quirks, aircraft squawks, wireless transmissions, anything that might help." They all watch him work. "Good. Get to it." He clop-clops out of the room without looking at Kara; she watches him go, resentful and sad and still wondering where she frackin' dropped her Special Starbuck Consequence Pass. "For All Fuck-Ups, In Perpetuity."

Adama visits the pregnant girl from the teaser in the Galactica sick bay -- and yes, I do mean "Doc Cottle! Doc Cottle!" when I say that. Oh, you just thought you loved him: "Rya's four months pregnant and doesn't want to be. I understand the Geminese have a problem with women terminating their pregnancies." Could it be that the whole Federalist thing up there is the key to this whole storyline? That's fucking interesting. Let's keep an eye on that. Adama: "Tyrol said that she asked for you by name. Do you want to tell me what that's really all about?" Cottle could give a care: "Pretty straightforward, really. I get a note that a girl's on the way. She arrives. I do my work. And then she leaves. I don't ask a lot of questions." Adama advises Cottle that he's "gonna start," and there's a Old Man Glare-Off.

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