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Cottle walks Adama over to see Rya and, scared, she looks to Cottle for support. "Don't worry, I've just come to talk," says Adama. She looks at Cottle again; did he walk her through this? He knows about the political situation, he just said. Did he set this whole thing up? Evil genius! "It doesn't matter what you say," says Rya -- somewhat by rote, perhaps. "I'm not gonna change my mind." Adama smiles at her, concerned, because that makes him feel more fatherly toward her, because his daughters always say shit like that to him. Adama: "Your parents are a little worried about you. They've contacted me through the Geminon representative." Sarah Porter! Show us Sarah Porter! Rya freaks out: "My parents. Gods." She heaves, terrified: "Do you have any idea what they would do to me?" No, but now I'd really fucking like to. The comforting smile on Adama's lovely old face drops a second. "Please, do not send me back," begs Rya. The camera pulls back to where Cottle stands, at his diagnostic board, watching. Adama: "You're a stowaway. Aboard a military ship." Salient points, dude. "Some people might say," Cottle says in this wonderful, insinuation-heavy, neener-neener tone, "[that] she was a victim of political persecution...." Adama starts to turn his head. I think he figured out Cottle's game before I did, which was just now. "Hell. She could apply for asylum," Cottle says, like he just randomly thought of this. Like he's saying, "Hell, we could have steak for dinner if you want." Adama turns the full power of the glare on Cottle: "What's that you say, bitch?" Rya steels herself: "Asylum. That's it. I want asylum." She pleads without speaking.

Colonial One. Sarah Porter! YEAH! Okay, I see some confused faces. Here's why I love Sarah Porter: because The West Wing pioneered the conservative-religious-representative as something more than a demonic cartoon, and this show gets to go all the way there, because the parallels aren't exact like on other policy/wonk shows. I may disagree with every single thing that comes out of Sarah Porter's mouth -- hate it, in fact -- but she is so real, so understandable, and so strong in her beliefs that it's possible to separate it out, unlike a lot of real-life but especially TV conservatives. You could have tea with this brilliant, strong, beautiful woman, and enjoy it, as long as you stayed inside certain conversational lines and didn't hit the hot button. And she'd be down with that, because she is a good person. And clearly Laura feels the same way -- she always treats Sarah with as much respect as I would want her to -- but the suck thing is Laura's whole job is pushing the hot button; like a monkey on crack, in fact. She doesn't have the option of having teatime go over three minutes, and that is sad. Sarah: "Under Geminon law, the girl is still the property of her parents, and they can deal with her once she's safely back on her ship." Anti-Federalist. "To be honest, I'm more concerned with the broader implications of this matter." Way anti-Federalist, heh. Roslin tries to chill her out, but Sarah's all up on it: "I know you don't want to hear this. But my people, my voters, are demanding action on this issue." Roslin sighs. "We have been through this," she says, interestingly, because her inflection makes it seem like she means with Sarah, like Sarah's been lobbying for "as long as the whole world was destroyed anyway, would you mind creating my theocratic utopia?" Which, to be fair, Roslin tried to give her. "Abortion was legal under Colonial law before the attacks, and so it is still legal today," says Roslin. Only now does Sarah get actually involved, as a person: "It's obscene. The scriptures view abortion as an abomination in the eyes of the Gods." Tory and Adama watch this shit play out with some serious awkward happening. "You cannot equivocate on this point if you want our support in the coming election," Sarah concludes. Roslin considers her for a sec, and says, "Rya Kibby's petition for asylum is under review. Thank you, Sarah, very much for coming in." I love when she does that.

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