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Dualla lays out the op in the surface bunker: "Okay, he wants us to set up forward observation posts that are hard-wired back to base for communications. The ops are gonna be staggered at strategic locations, giving us as much warning as possible, if there is a Cylon advance. Since we only have one Raptor, Captain Thrace will fly point." Dualla's on military time, Starbuck is an asshole: "Oh, joy." Dualla ignores her, but with Lee and the whole Adama clan, I think Dee's on military time more often than not. She's still a fucking class act right now. "Wireless is dead, so if you do make contact, do not engage. Have them relay the information back to command. Be sure to note force strength, direction of march, and position." I don't know what those words mean but I suddenly want to kiss Dualla on the lips. "I have flown recon once or twice, Lieutenant," spits Starfuck. Dualla lays out three different observation posts -- including a conscript named I think "Ditko," which is like a Chrismukkah present especially for all of three viewers, including me -- and asks the Captain if she has a problem with the outlined op. The Captain does not. They head out.

Out in the field, Dualla is saying more awesome words: "Green Base, Foxfire One. Green Base, Foxfire One. We are open for business. Over." Good old Foxfire, I wish that was her call sign. Up above, Starbuck's flying recon, she spots the Centurions almost immediately and sends back visual: "Son of a bitch! Tell me you're seeing this... " Down below, Dualla relays the Centurion thing, and then sees as Starbuck gets hit. Badly. She calls it out over whatever they're using for comms, and Starbuck goes down. In flames. Any other week this would be an effective act-out, but I'm a little peeved with her today.

Adama enters what I guess is Roslin's temporary office on Galactica, looking stern as hell. She doesn't notice, because she's reading the Scriptures. Which always results in good stuff, doesn't it? "There's really not much more on the Eye in these scriptures, but there's several interesting stories about the Temple. Listen to this: 'Five pillars of the Temple were fashioned after the five priests devoted to the one whose name cannot... '" (Color me very interested, because that's some serious syncretist possibility going on right there.) He finally interrupts her, with the face I call The Could You Please Stop Stealing Elections And Committing Genocide And Suspending Roe/Wade For Like Five Seconds Face. But at least he calls her Laura. "The Cylon we know as Boomer arrived with the others." Laura's face falls; she already knows. The glasses come off, which is of course Giles for Fuuuuuck. "She told our Sharon that her child was alive, and that she was on board one of the Cylon baseships. And that she had been seen on New Caprica in your school." She speaks softly. "The child is alive, yes. Yes, the child was at the school. Yes, I kept her there." He sits down, waiting for the apology and the appeal to fix it. "And we suspected that the Cylons captured her during the exodus from New Caprica. Yes, it's true." He looks at her, waiting for the shoe to drop. Waiting for the chance to offer absolution. If she said right now that it was the worst thing she ever did, he could forgive her. She wouldn't be wrong. "Listen, the thing you might want to know is that when sh... " He abruptly rises, and leaves. Wrong answer; she watches him leave and she knows it. Rough.

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