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Adama gaetas the launch tube doors open, and Roslin's hilarious, frankly: "What are you doing?" Adama explains in no less funny terms: "Getting ready to nuke the planet." I love how even now there's a slight civilian-time kind of "fuck you" in there somewhere.

Gathered around the Basestar command center Jell-O, Six detects radiologicals: the missile doors have been hoshi'd. Cavil swears he's bluffing, because the only thing dumber than religious icons is people.

Apollo sics Gunny Mathias on Sam as Chief stares at the eye in the Temple.

Roslin asks if Adama's really prepared to sacrifice their son; he totally ignores her and sets ground zero for the underground structure. And there's a little bit of Roslin's religious stuff and the Lie of Earth tangential to the power plays going on here. I love it.

Eight worries as the nukes get more and more ready. Cavil repeats that it's a bluff, and Leoben says the risk is too great; begs consensus to turn back the Raiders. Consensus used to be so easy. A Three says imperiously that the ships cannot turn back: "He won't launch it. And D'Anna was explicit that she and Baltar make it to the planet's surface." Caprica nods, pissily: "So is that what all this is really about?" Oh, girl.

"And the heavens opened up, and they saw the Eye. But where is that fracking Eye?" asks Chief. I'm not convinced he isn't the Chosen One.

Sam asks Lee if he's kidding with this crap. "Are you gonna shoot me now?" Please. No more than Dualla was happy to see Kara go down. "I can't let you go. I need you on the line. I need you commanding those civilians. I'm sorry, Sam, but you cannot go." Sam apologizes to the Major: "You can't stop me."

Adama authorizes release of nuclear weapons. ("I'm blowing up my men." Heh.) Tigh acknowledges the order; Roslin stares. To be continued in January. Boom boom boom. Or I guess hopefully not, in this case.

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