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Apollo is whining about how he can barely look Dee in the eye these days, due to cheating on her and whatnot. He suggests getting divorces, which you know is not going to fly. A lot of this episode, though, is about who's religious and who isn't. Almost every storyline this episode, that's a huge deal, so let's review: Kara's the most religious person on the show. Maybe that used to be Chief, but Cavil did a number on him, and I think also that that was not true to begin with and I just assumed that. But yeah, Kara loves the Gods: it's the main thing connecting her to Laura, and Laura's totally used it against her more than once. So Kara reacts very negatively to the suggestion about divorce, and Lee scoffs at her: "You said yourself, things were bad. Your marriage was failing." But marriage is a sacrament: "It's not a Pyramid game, you don't... you don't get do-overs, Lee. I made a vow in the sight of the Gods, and I'm not gonna break that." Lee kisses her and notes how she's breaking her vow whenever they get gross. She chuckles, because obviously it's not just the religious part that works for her here: "Divorce is different. This is just bending the rules." They make out for a second and then Lee hurls himself across the cabin and into a patented Lee Adama sonnet. "Every time I look at my wife, I see my own guilt reflected in her eyes." Kara makes fun of this crap and tells him not to make such a big deal out of it. It's funny, because they're in the opposite of their usual corners on this one: She's Little Miss Rules and Regs when it comes to religion, and he is drawing lines in the sand left and right. "Great. So, I won't divorce, and you won't cheat. So where does that leave us?" It leaves you gross, sad individuals in a pile of your own self-created filth and the corpses of innocent bystanders. Or as Lee would say it: "Trapped." I don't mind emo romantic pain or any of that, but when you start getting your toxic stuff all over nice people like Dualla or Sam, it stops being intriguing and starts being malicious. But they're right in that I don't see a way out either.

Gaius Baltar dreams on a Basestar of Hera crying, Three's trips to Heaven and back, the possibility that he's a Cylon. He wakes up alone, to the sound of Hera crying, and goes to her room. Poor Boomer is trying to tend to her, but Hera knows damn well Boomer's not her mom. Boomer is distraught about this, of course, and worries about Hera's health. The second Gaius speaks, Hera starts to calm down. Even Hera comprehends Crazy Six Math better than me.

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