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Chief finally gives in to his feeling about the summit and climbs up the bluff: there's a huge underground temple with five pillars and five vaults in the ceiling, and a giant eye emblem on the floor. The score goes nuts. I'm starting to hate the number five almost as much as I used to hate twelve.

Credits; 41,402 souls in the Fleet. That's eighteen dead in the Passage. Could be worse. I miss Kat, though. I admire Kara's desire to soldier on fucking with herself in Kat's absence, but she's always been willing to do that. But without Kat around, who's going to explain to Lee and Kara that past the age of sixteen, making out in the backseat of your station wagon is a clear and present sign that you are being an asshole in some way.

Down in the Temple of Five, Chief is busy retconning the show's timeline for the eighty-seventh time: "Our initial radiocarbon dating suggests that the temple's at least 4,000 years old, which lines up with the exodus of the Thirteenth Tribe." Roslin asks if he's really thinking that's what this is, and Chief is pretty sure. "I recognize it from the books in my father's study, Madame President. He was a priest, and the Temple of Five was an important part of our faith. ... Well, his faith anyways." Maybe being an agnostic on Geminon was so weird -- especially from a family of priests -- that it explains how he came to the Fleet and why he was willing to put up with Boomer's crap for so long. That makes me love Chief again. I really like Chief and Cally in this episode. (I know.) Roslin wonders, from Adama's quarters, if maybe this involves the Eye of Jupiter, which we know from last week that it does. "All I know is the stuff I kinda remember from sneaking into my dad's study when he wasn't looking." Adama asks for a précis on the Eye, and Chief obliges: yet another path marker left behind by the Thirteenth Tribe. The alarms go wild and Adama signs off with Tyrol; Gaeta summons the Admiral and Laura to the CIC. "We have multiple dradis contacts: four Cylon baseships just jumped into view." They hustle out the door.

As the four baseships jump in near the Galactica, Adama and Roslin enter CIC demanding sitrep. Tigh's amazed about how the bastards have just totally balls-out jumped into the middle of the Fleet. Adama hoshis the Fleet to jump to emergency coordinates, and they do. Adama realizes that Galactica has to hold her position until the people on the surface get back. Roslin is minorly worried about them, but more so the Eye, which she does not want the Cylons getting. Adama puts the Vipers on standby; Tigh notices that the basestars aren't launching any Raiders: just hanging around outside weapons range. Roslin agrees that this is odd behavior for killer robots from outer space. Hoshi nervously tells the Admiral that they're hailing him, and Adama sternly takes the call. It's Gaius. Everybody makes faces that suggest they've smelled something not only nasty but also enraging. "Admiral, I can't tell you what a genuine pleasure it is to hear your voice. This is Gaius Baltar."

Later, a Cylon shuttle lands on Galactica, and the negotiation party is escorted toward a conference room. From the other direction come Roslin and Adama, with Gaeta and Tigh. Roslin's weirded out about how they're allowing Cylons onboard, but doesn't make too much of a stink about it because she can't remember the last time she airlocked a motherfucker, and this might involve Gaius Baltar. Which is like infinity points in her private airlocking championship. "They must want something pretty bad, or else they would have started shooting as soon as they jumped in," Adama grits. Roslin wonders why on Earth they would send Baltar with the negotiating party. Anytime anybody says his name in this episode, imagine angry spittle flying out of your computer screen. Twice as much if it's Laura. "He can say whatever he wants," Adama reasons. "The longer he talks, the more time we have to get Lee and his people off the planet."

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