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Boomer, Biers, Cavil, and Gaius are escorted through the corridor. Boomer stares at the hallways, equal parts unimpressed, weirded out, and remembering that time she got shot and died calling Chief's name. Gaius is similarly divided, but he's got a Chip Six to discuss it with and doesn't have to rely on nonverbal communication to get across everything Grace Park just did. (Me: "That's Boomer, remember I told you about her?" Alison: "How do you know?" Me: "The way she walks." Alison: "That's awesome.") Six asks if it's feeling "like old times," and Gaius admits how much he misses Galactica. Aww, that makes me sad. He really makes me sad in this episode. Six points out that "they"/Roslin would airlock him so fast and then celebrate, and he knows that, but he still feels like he's home. Six points out that if he's a Final Fiver, that would just be part of his cover. (Is that confirmation that the Final Five are possibly sleepers in the Colonies? For some reason I thought that wasn't true, like, they just weren't around at all. Or only in Heaven. I like it better, though. Ooh, I hope it's Gaeta, Gaius, Kara, Laura, and Adama! That would be so fucked up! And Lee would feel just awful!) But if he's not a Cylon, Gaius says sadly, then this is his last chance to see his people again.

Outside the conference room, Sharon recognizes Boomer from the way she walks and notifies Colonel Tigh immediately. "The one who shot the old man? Well, you just lost your visiting privileges. Hold that thing here until we get back." Aaand that's why I still love Boomer, even though she's not around much anymore: Nature Girl didn't even have a chance. She's actually more innocent than like anybody on this show. She stayed in that apartment on Old Caprica half-wishing she could go home, doing chin-ups and driving herself crazy; she watched DEMAND LOVE go to hell all around her and she still tried to comfort Cally; she was created to love and be loved in return, and she's gotten rejected by every single person she's tried to love. Including Hera. The Marines cock guns on her and Tigh orders the rest of the negotiation party to keep moving. Biers gives Sharon a look as she’s entering; then they're all alone in the hallway. (Alison: "Oh, girl.")

Inside the conference room, Gaius is in tears, looking at Laura Roslin. She won't meet his eyes. Adama puts himself physically between them, standing impassive as the tears well up and he tries to tell her how good it is to see her. He's not lying. He's always wanted her approval even more than Adama's. She doesn't look up and Adama doesn't look away; his heart breaks a little bit, and he steps back in line with the other Cylons. "The weapons are hardly necessary," smirks Biers, and Cavil's hilariously nasty: "Yes, exactly. We come in peace." Roslin demands to know what they want, and Biers levels. "We want the Eye of Jupiter. So let's just skip all the denials and protestations, and go straight to what we know -- that you have people on the ground. And we know that you’ve found the original settlement of the Thirteenth Tribe." Cavil notes that obviously they didn't jump away because they've located the artifact but haven't yet retrieved it; Roslin will only admit to staying by their people on the ground. Cavil's not buying that that is the only reason. Gaius sticks his big stupid greasy head into it, pointing out the wildly improbable (I'm saying!) coincidence of them all showing up. The only thing that would make sense is if Athena's acting on the same truth/whatever as both the Hybrid and Chip Six, which I don't really like because it suggests that she'll never be fully her own person, and I like her too much for that. "You want the Eye, the Cylons want the Eye. I would like to discuss the practical issues that come to hand -- and there are some -- so that we can reach some accommodation." Adama clenches his fist, I imagine; I've always thought he was just a tad more offended by Gaius's squirrelly behavior and pathological addiction to fucking up than his continual role in the ongoing destruction of mankind.

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