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"Despite that uniform, it's not your home anymore," Boomer says. She's not really talking to Sharon, even. Sharon says calmly that she's made her choice, that she knows where her loyalties lie: both of these are things Boomer never got to have. She comes closer, striking past the uniform, since that didn't hurt enough: "What if I told you that your daughter was still alive?" Sharon shakes her head: is it really going down like this? Is Boomer this classless and mean? "Well, someone's lying. But it's not me. Hera's alive. At least for now." And with a little extra: "She's ill, and we don't know why." Sharon chokes, she's getting to her, but she's staying strong: "Yeah, right." Boomer grins a nasty high school grin, a Mean Girl grin, as she twists the knife. Cylons can be cruel now, but they still never lie. "Baltar found her on New Caprica during the evacuation. She's on our baseship right now. From what we could gather, she was hidden at Laura Roslin's school, which means that she probably planned the whole thing in the first place." Which, she doesn't say, means that the Admiral must've known too. Mommy and Daddy don't love you, and they never did. Sharon takes off: "I don't need to listen to this." She tells the Marines to watch Boomer, who screams as she's leaving, "They let you think that she was dead. You don't do that to a person, you do that to a thing. That's what your friends think of you, Sharon. You're not one of them. You're a thing!" She's only kind of talking to Sharon even now.

"We're not giving you the key to finding Earth," says Adama flatly. The Cylons having reached third grade at least in their emotional development, Biers goes for the triple dog dare: "You try bringing it up from that planet and see what happens." Adama (I would venture a guess that this is another EJO thing; no director would put the marks this close together) gets right in her face: "I'm setting the terms now. Make any attempt to attack this ship or the people on the planet's surface, I'll launch every nuke I've got. Lay waste to the entire continent." Everybody on both sides goes OMG and then immediately recovers. Three accuses him of bluffing -- "You want to find Earth as much as we do," she says, which with Adama may or may not be true at any given time -- and Adama orders the guards to escort the Cylons back to their shuttle. Party over. The Marines move out and Gaius stares back at Bill, pleading and breaking down in tears, hoping against futile hope that things will get magical with a quickness, that the Admiral will forgive him in this moment (Baltar psychology is based on projection), but of course there's no magic for Gaius today, and no hugs either. Cavil exits last, with a creepy leer.

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