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Apollo and Roslin! Talking! As though they've met before! Roslin's like, "Lee, I don't know what it looks like, sorry." Bill tells him that whether or not it exists or is real or whatever, they still have to protect it from the Cylons. "If it looks like they're going to get into the Temple, your order is to blow it." NO, NO, NO. You do not blow up the Temple, you do not hide guns in the Temple, you do not frack in the Temple, you do not roughhouse or engage in horseplay in the Temple. War is so damned awful. The wireless goes crazy with high-pitched static, leaving Lee and Kara alone in her Raptor with a dead radio. "The Cylons are jamming the wireless," Starbuck confirms. "Every frequency." Apollo immediately shifts into Major Mode, laying out the game plan: work on comms and get a plan together to cover Tyrol while he keeps looking. Starbuck notes that there are maybe a dozen Marines and as many as five military on the planet, and Apollo decides they have to draft civilians. Meaning, Starbuck realizes immediately, that Sam's about to get deputized. Apollo's like this: "What? No! Frack that! What a horrible idea... that we totally have to do. Dammit."

Anders enters a bunker meeting and greets Lee. Things are going great for five seconds until Starbuck greets him, and Anders gets bitchy. "Heard you were coming down. Guess it takes an emergency to get us in the same room these days." Which, and this is important, is the opposite corollary to "no guns in the Temple," which is "no crying in baseball," and something that Anders has no reason to understand, but which really takes a beating in this episode. Right now they're in a military op with shit resources and no air support: what this means for Apollo and Starbuck (and Dee) is that "Lee" and "Kara" as concepts are not applicable. You do not get personal during an operation like this. And what sucks is that Apollo and Starbuck get this on such a fundamental level that they don't even know to explain it, so all their reactions to Anders bringing up personal shit just cause him to feel even more crapped on. I really love this whole fascinating dynamic, most especially because it would never occur to me either, but also because the ease with which Lee and Kara shift into wartime makes me respect them a bit more this week, which they needed. There's a reason they've both been CAG, you know? Not that Kara's great at staying Starbuck in these situations -- and watch for Dualla to make her look like a wartime asshole ten-year-old in about three seconds -- but Anders doesn't even have the concept in his repertoire. So when Starbuck asks, "Can we do this later, please?" it's not because she's pulling a Joey Potter: it's because this is war.

"Sam, I need you to command the civilians, form them into fire teams. I'll give my deployment orders through Sergeant... " Gunny Mathias! Yeah! Anders holds up a hand: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Deployment orders? Fire teams? Come on, some of these guys have never even held a rifle before!" Apollo asks if he isn't in fact a fabulous guerrilla soldier from irradiated Old Caprica and the battle of the coffee shop, and Anders explains the difference: "Hit and run. Keep moving, keep the enemy off balance. I've never had to defend a fixed position, that's a whole different game." Which is another angle on the "no crying in baseball" theme, because: you've been picked for this op, and therefore you will do it, because we're on military time: "You're just gonna have to learn it fast, because that's what we're doing, we're defending this fixed position. Until the Chief finds his Eye of Jupiter." (I dorked out a little bit about the whole "defending a fixed position" deal and how it also pertains to the whole Quadrangle of Bad Ideas About Love, but I'll spare you because it's pretty obvious.) Anders is not feeling this, considering how they're supposed to be risking their lives for something Lee and Kara haven't even found yet (still not drawing parallels to the romantic complications), and Lee levels. "Listen, Sam, I'm not even sure it exists." Still keeping that lip zipped. "But I don't have to tell you every little Godsdamn detail... " Out of nowhere Anders jumps in and connects the dots himself: "You know what you have to explain to me?" Oh, snap! Starbuck jumps in between them and puts her hands on his chest: "Hey, hey, hey. Honey -- the Major's in charge on this one, okay?" She gives him a very serious "just work with me here" kind of look. "Okay?" He snits off, but it's obvious he's getting it. Apollo whines about how that didn't go so great, but Starbuck knows Anders is in, and that he'll get the job done, because he's awesome.

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