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Temple of Five, where Cally (of course) is affixing bomb charges to the central pillar. She comes to Chief for comfort about how she misses her child, and I'm not calling bullshit on that, and also she really looks cute. "He's fine. He's on Galactica. He's fine." Chief breathes. "I hated everything about the faith. The rules, the rituals. The endless discussions at the dinner table. I used to sneak into my mom's prayer room, you know, Holiest of the Holies. I would dance around naked with porn magazines, just to defy the Gods and tell them to frack off." Cally chuckles. Me too. "I mean, I don't even know how I found this place. I just got this urge to start walking. And then, suddenly, there it is." Cally looks up at him like a spaniel: "You should see the look on your face when you're in here. There's this...reverence. You even talk softer." He can feel it. He's the only one that can. "I feel something in here. Something true. But here I am setting charges in this special place. Holiest of the Holies. This is... the Temple of Five. If my parents could see this...and I'm gonna blow it up." See, that's all I asked back on New Caprica: do what you've gotta do, but get right with yourself about why you're doing it, and the fact that you're killing something precious when you do it. Just take responsibility. Thank you, Chief. I love you again.

Not that I honestly think the Fleet's going to have anything to do with the Temple blowing up, vide this very paragraph -- I just get antsy about guns in the Temple. On CIC, Gaeta's noticed some anomalies in the solar radiation belt, as one does, and of course next made an analysis of the star's vibrational modes. "Sure enough, it appears to be highly unstable. If you can believe it, on the verge of going supernova." When? Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year. "There's no way of knowing for sure, sir. When it does happen, the only warning that we're likely to get is a fast helium flash, at which point we'll have to jump out of here before it obliterates the entire planetary system." So I'm guessing that's next episode, duh. "Sir, I am not one to look for religious signs, but I can't get my head around these odds. That human and Cylon both converge on this planet at this exact moment just as the star's about to go supernova... " Crazy, right? Am I out of my gourd that I keep blaming Chip Six for all of this? "I'm not a religious person, Mr. Gaeta, as you both know. So if this is the work of a higher power then they have one hell of a sense of humor." Because if there's one thing we can take away from this series, it's that God's sense of humor is not at all fucked up.

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