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On the Basestar is a scene that is very hard to explain to my friend Alison, because all the Cylons now have awesomely individual agendas and areas of interest that rely on the last four years of continuity. Which is fabulous! Cavil calls their standoff predicament "predictable" and outlines the stakes with machine logic. Leoben wants to be sure Galactica's not bluffing, because of the import of the Eye and Thrace possibly being down there, and Gaius stresses that they have no way of knowing so they should not blow up Galactica or more humans. The Threes, of course, don't want to take the chance. Cavil wants to wipe the Fleet into the Recycle Bin while they have the chance: perfect robot universe, clean of humanity. Caprica doesn't want to think about the fate of humanity anymore, and wants to focus on the Eye and on Earth. Cavil wants to remind everybody, again, that they are machines, and can spend the next gazillion years looking for Earth, whereas the humans are there to get sporked right that second. Caprica shakes her head at this, because God is Love and she will be saying it's possible to coexist long after even Jacob gives up on the idea. "Or we could stand here and do nothing," Cavil snots. "We're not doing nothing, Cavil. Plans are in motion," says Biers portentously. Gaius does his fifth double-take of the episode. Poor over-his-head little fucker. Caprica is also intrigued shading into pissed at this, and calls her lover D'Anna. "I put a Heavy Raider down on the planet's surface as soon as we jumped in," Three says in that icy scary way she has. "I thought that would be our best chance of slipping by their dradis. It seems I was right." Caprica, who's having a whole thing about Three and Gaius anyway, and hates not having all the information she can, asks why the frell she didn't tell everybody else about the decision. "It was a need-to-know mission. So now I am telling you, because you need to know. The point is, we have cut off their troops' communications, and we've put our own troops on the ground. So as soon as our Centurions retrieve the eye, you can take out Galactica." Caprica and Gaius stare at each other and wig out for awhile, while down on the surface her Centurions disembark.

"Okay, here's the deal. We're out of options. The Cylons have got us pinned on this rock, and our only way out of here is to hold this place until Galactica can send a rescue party. So I've divided you into two teams, okay? Team one is gonna be distributing ammunition throughout the camp. Team two is gonna be making homemade tylium mines. I know that's not glamorous work, but we're going to need the extra firepower in case the Cylons decide to take a shot at us. Look, I know some of you are scared. And that's okay, 'cause I'm scared too. But if we keep our heads, and we do our jobs, we can do this. And we can all get out of here in one piece. Now, Barolay [Finally somebody said it out loud!] has a list of your names and your assignments. Make sure you get with her. See you outside." That was a lot of talking to do in one take, and Anders did it well. Apollo congratulates him -- still on military time -- about how honest and clear the speech was. "You'd make a good officer." Anders cocks a gun and is not on any kind of military time at all. "Officer, huh? Like you? Someone who swears an oath, and knows how to keep it?" Apollo tries to half-ass his reply in order to be gross some more, and Anders goes off. "Don't insult me, okay? I'm not stupid. I know how she is. We've been married for a year and a half. What, do you think you're the first?" WOW. Do you think that's true? I wouldn't put it past her, but that seems very Saul/Ellen and I don't know that we need to parallel them more than we already have. "I chose to marry Kara. That's my business. I don't know what the hell you think you're trying to do." And that's military time in a nutshell: "I'm trying to fight a war," Apollo says, exasperated. "I'm trying to get these people off this rock in one piece." No crying in baseball. "Anything for the cause, Major." I don't blame Anders, of course, and I don't blame him for not understanding that Lee/Kara is off the table today, but it's really frustrating to be on this side of the screen where you can't give him a hug and explain to him about how everybody has to be a Tin Man today or else nobody lives. And then, you know. Another hug. Maybe some spooning.

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