A List With Nothing On It

by Jacob Clifton January 29, 2009
BSG Webisodes: The Face Of The Enemy

Hoshi begs the Colonel for a Raptor, to go searching for Felix; Tigh tells him to pull it together, but he can't. Not after the wonders he has seen: "There is something in the universe. Something let us find Earth, dead as it is. And I know, I know I can find Felix. Lieutenant, me and Felix... There's been too much loss already." Tigh nods. There has been too much loss already. Too much loss and too much hate, to let love go so easily. He knows what it's like, now, to lose the one you love, and then to find that love again. There was something in the universe, down on that ruined planet, that led him out into the sea. There are random jumps, and there are jumps that aren't so random. Sometimes it takes a great notion to lead you places you wouldn't ever have looked. He promises to ask the old man, and watches Hoshi run off down the corridor with a smile in his eyes.

718 was just a shuttle, so the CO2 scrubbers weren't a huge priority. Now, of course, it's a big deal. They have food and water for two weeks ("if we're not fussy about recycling"), so the issue is air. Twenty hours, give or take; this includes extending it as far as possible by thinning it out to 68% of normal. Easy points out that this will mean memory loss, irrational behavior, depression, dizziness; this is a list of things that won't matter since they're going to need to keep very still, in the dark, limit exertion, sleep as much as possible. Try not to dream. Deckhand Brooks opens up a panel to check out the CO2 scrubbers, and Gaeta finally recognizes her.

Fifteen months ago, Felix Gaeta was a high-placed human administrator on Cylon-occupied New Caprica. He would meet with Sweet Eight, and hand over lists of names. He was doing the right thing.

Brooks can't quite get his fingers inside the panel to fix the loose connection; Hard Eight offers to take over and he gives her his pliers. She reaches the connection, and adjusts it, and then before anyone can move, she's shaking, jerking, struck by lightning. Esrin kicks her free, and Gaeta checks for her pulse, but she's gone. Brooks begins to scream in fear, about how it could have been him, but Sweet Eight distracts him, pointing to the pliers: the rubber insulation on the grips has all been stripped away. Shark figures they just wore off, but Sweet Eight suggests it was a human, trying to kill a Cylon, "someone didn't like the idea of a machine breathing their air."

Brooks points out that they were his, and a more slender hand on his part would have resulted in his death, but she calls him out: how could he, a deckhand, not have noticed the bare metal? Tempers flare, craziness abounds, oxygen depletes; Gaeta tells them all to shut up, issues the word that it was an accident, and wonders what to do about the corpse. Sweet Eight makes the hard call: her sister's mortal body will soon begin to decay, release methane and hydrogen sulfide, and corrupt their air. She talks the five who are left into putting on flight suits, and spacing her dead sister in the unknown black. While they're putting on their flight suits, she tells Gaeta she has an idea; she'll tell him about how they can get home when everyone's asleep, but he has to trust her.

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