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The Parent Trap

Starbuck tries to hurry down the hallway, clutching her side and holding a rail for support. As she passes a fire extinguisher on the wall, a door nearby opens, and Six comes out. Six fusses over locking the door while Starbuck reaches for the fire extinguisher. Apparently, Six has really shitty peripheral vision. Starbuck rushes over and slams Six's head with the fire extinguisher. Down she goes, and Starbuck runs on.

Starbuck makes it outside, and gingerly descends a huge stone staircase. At the bottom, Simon steps out to greet her. Bummer. Starbuck turns, I guess to try to run, and then Simon is shot several times. Starbuck drops and covers her head with her heads, whimpering. Which almost makes up for the callsign thing. Because she could have just quipped, "What kept you?," and been heroic and boring. The fact that having her enemy shot in front of her just adds to her terror makes it a lot more interesting. After a moment Starbuck nervously peers up over the staircase railing and sees the Resistance fighters rushing toward the building. Helo impatiently shouts, "Warriors, come out and pla-ay!" Or maybe that was me. She runs through some conveniently opened gates toward them.

And that's when four Centurions step out onto the second-floor landing and open fire. Heh. Anders shouts for Starbuck to get down, before ducking behind some rocks. Starbuck runs a few steps and falls, and bullets hit the dirt around her. Cylon eyesight in general seems unimpressive. One of the humans gets shot as they fire back at the Cylons. Starbuck rolls over in the dirt and sees a Heavy Raider loom up over the trees. It pivots and fires at the Cylons, who are probably wishing they had mouths so they could say, "Not us, you idiot!" As the Raider takes out the Cylons, Helo and Anders run forward to grab Starbuck.

The Resistance rushes toward the now-landed Raider. Boomer greets them from the hatch and waves them in, shouting, "Move! Like you have a purpose, people." Ha!

Cut to the fleet. A bunch of ships suddenly wink out.

CIC. Adama stares at the dradis screen. Gaeta reports that twenty-four ships have gone. Tigh gasps, "That's almost a third of the fleet." Adama takes off his glasses and thinks about how much he hates people. The thing that bothers me is, does that mean every single person on those ships wanted to follow the Prez? Or only their captains?

Adama pulls Boomer's body out of their little Cylon corpse repository. She does make a pretty corpse. We can see the top of a Y-incision on her chest, so I guess Baltar's keeping himself busy. Adama stares at her, and there's a flashback of Boomer shooting him. Adama says, "Why?" He puts his hand on her forehead and starts crying. Aw, poor Adama. He hunches over and sobs loudly into the corpse's torso. That's a little bit gross, Sir.

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