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Credits. 47,857 survivors. And hey, drums! Bodies and clipboard-fu and gun barrels and oil drums! Yay! But we seem to have permanently lost the Galactica insignia they used to use at the very end. Ah well.

Commercials. Per the podcast, they originally intended to spend more time building a romance between Starbuck and Anders over several episodes, but that time constraints forced them to limit it to just the couple of scenes we've seen. You've got no idea how happy I am about that. Also, Moore's inability to turn off his phone amuses me.

CIC. Everyone's applauding before we even get inside. I was happy about having the opening montage back, too, but this seems a bit much. I wonder if maybe it's just really cold in CIC, so they like clapping to get their circulation going. Tigh leads Adama into CIC, and everyone whoops it up. It would mean so much more if they did this once a season instead of every other week. Baltar's there, coming perilously close to a slow clap. Adama finally quiets everyone down and makes a little speech about how much everyone there means to him. Aw, he's almost crying. Then he says, "Let's get back to work," and there's another round of applause. Now Baltar is clapping very, very enthusiastically while looking bored out of his mind. Maybe he's just thinking, "Let's go, let's go. After this scene, I get the week off!" With that out of the way, Adama tells Tigh, "I feel strange, like..." Like you've been shot several times at close range? "...Closer to the ground." Oh. That was my next guess. Tigh advises Adama to check with the doctor about that, heh.

Adama and Tigh move over to confer with Gaeta. Gaeta starts to say, "The stolen Raptor with Captain Adama and the former President --" "The fugitives," Tigh interjects. Gaeta yeah-whatevers, "The fugitives docked at Cloud Nine last week." Last week? Wow. Adama grrs that the Prez "was dangerous enough as a symbol of resistance, but now with Lee helping..." He trails off, perhaps thinking, "Wait, what use is Apollo, really? Maybe I shouldn't be so concerned." Nonetheless, Adama lays out plans to search the entire fleet, quarantining ships that have been searched so that the fugitives can't get past the search parties. He concludes, "She can hide, but she can't run." When the war's over, Adama has a big future writing movie taglines.

Vipers whoosh prettily through the fleet, and we zoom in on a small ship. The Prez voice-overs, "How much longer are we meant to stay hidden in this meat locker?" Elosha doesn't know, but thanks the Prez for establishing their location.

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