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Starbuck is lying in bed. Her jacket hangs on a chair next to a desk in the mostly bare room. There's a cracked mirror on the foot of the bed, which will be important later. Someone tries to dab a cloth on her forehead without messing up the bruise makeup, and says, "Shh." Starbuck looks up to see Rick Worthy smiling at her. He tells her that she's in an aid hospital, and was brought in yesterday. He introduces himself as Simon. Starbuck says that her name is Kara Thrace, and Simon makes a note in a file before going to check on her IV. Starbuck grimaces in pain, and asks who brought her in. Simon says, "This big guy named Anders. Used to be a pyramid player, if you can believe that." Starbuck smiles and asks where Anders is. Simon hesitates for a moment before telling her that Anders is dead: "I thought he was only slightly wounded. Turns out a piece of shrapnel had nicked his aorta." He looks at her sympathetically, and then leaves. Starbuck's face crumples up as she cries.

Commercials. Moore says that he expected the audience to figure Simon for a Cylon. Basically, he just wanted to make you wonder a tiny bit. Which I think works reasonably well, but mainly because of the show's basic screwiness. I have no problem believing that they could do this same set-up except that just as Starbuck's about to attack her doctor, Helo pops in and says, "Stop, these are the good guys, for real!" The only problem is that they just used that idea last week, with Starbuck and Helo versus the Resistance. If not for that, I'd have been a lot more ready to believe that this episode was going to be about the Cylons making everyone crazy with paranoia.

Starbuck wakes up, bathed in sunlight. Simon enters, and while he fusses over her IV, Starbuck asks, "Are you a Cylon?" He replies, "What do you think?" Starbuck thinks that he didn't answer the question. Simon laughs and says he is definitely not a Cylon. He adds, "I don't know what you'd expect me to say. If I [were] a Cylon, I certainly wouldn't admit it." Starbuck asks if she can go, and Simon gestures at the door. Starbuck sits up about halfway, and then her face crumples up again. She falls back and sighs, "Frackin' doctors." Simon asks if she's conceding that he's a doctor. Starbuck says that the jury's still out, but that she'd expect the Cylons to have better digs. Simon expositions that they're in a mental institution north of Delphi. He peels down the bandage on her side, revealing some tidy stitches, and then replaces the bandage. Starbuck asks, "So, what, I'm supposed to believe there really is a Resistance out there?" Simon hushes her and jokes, "Don't tell anybody, we're trying to keep that quiet." Then he picks up a needle and says it's time for her pain meds. Starbuck watches as he injects something into the IV tubing, and then she drifts off.

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