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Commercials. Speaking of paranoia, at some point I want to see human characters get so freaked out by Boomer that they start wondering if maybe they're Cylons and don't know it.

The Prez and Zarek pedeconference, Apollo trailing behind. Zarek says that they're going to jump in two minutes. The Prez asks, "Have any other ships declared themselves for us?" Zarek says, "Not yet." But there are still two whole minutes, so anything could happen.

The Prez and her posse enter a large dining hall-ish room, where Elosha is waiting by the door. Lining the long tables are a lot of scruffy folk, mostly in red coveralls. I think this might be the ship that carried all the wrestlers. Some of them just have that vibe. As the Prez enters, they get up from their benches, and the Prez starts to smile in greeting. The smile fades as the people all kneel and bow their heads. Whoopsie. The Prez protests, "Please, this isn't necessary." Elosha sidles up to the Prez and says, "Give them your blessing." The Prez looks faintly horrified, and refuses. Elosha says that this is the path the Prez chose. I do not trust Elosha at all. The Prez starts to walk among the people and touch their foreheads gently.

Resistance fighters scurry through the trees, back to the spot where they were attacked. Helo tells Anders that they've already searched this path repeatedly. For lo, Anders is not dead, and Simon is a Cylon. That first thing is kind of a disappointment. Anders says that Starbuck must have gotten shot, and Helo directs the rebels to search the area again in case Starbuck crawled off to hide out of line of fire. For a couple of days. Anders grumbles that he thought Starbuck was with them when they pulled back. Helo says that they got separated, and that "Kara, of all people, would understand." Hm. Maybe. Somehow, they manage to hear a twig snap over their loud conversation, and all aim their guns toward the noise. Boomer says, "I know where Starbuck is," and steps out from behind a tree with her hands raised. Helo asks where she's been, and Boomer says, "Tracking you." Okay, that's creepy. Anders snaps, "Who is she?" Helo tries to figure out how to answer that, and finally just pushes Anders's rifle down and says, "She's with us." Kind of. Boomer says, "You're the father of my child, Helo. I'm not gonna lose you." Helo's like, "Thanks for announcing that in front of my cool new friends." Anders looks at Helo a little nervously, and Helo, resigned, asks where Starbuck is.

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