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The Parent Trap

Astral Queen. The Prez says, "Send the signal and jump." A flare is launched from the ship and glows above the fleet.

CIC. Gaeta says that the Astral Queen has jumped. Adama says, "Now, see how many follow." Tigh figures there'll be two or three at most. Adama stares into space.

Starbuck wakes up blearily. She pushes the blankets down and gingerly prods the two bandages on her side. Simon strolls in, and she asks why she has a new scar. Simon says that she went into surgery last night because she was bleeding internally. He says, "Just about done with you, Starbuck," and she blinks a little before saying that's a nice way to put it. Simon cheerfully continues that after a couple more tests she can go back to the fight. He aims a needle at the IV tube, and Starbuck protests, "I just woke up!" Simon replies, "Now you're going back to sleep." Starbuck fades out, and Simon leaves. Once he's gone, Starbuck pulls her right hand out from under her blanket, where she'd folded the IV tube over to stop the drip. She pulls the IV out, and winces.

Starbuck quietly exits her room and pads down the hallway. She looks so small and vulnerable in bare feet and wearing a thin shift. She doesn't look particularly stealthy, though, as she comes to an intersection with a nurse's station. Simon is visible at the station, talking to a blonde we can't see clearly, but we don't really need to see her to feel sure it's Six. Simon says, "Pending lab test results on sample ovaries, complete removal will proceed tomorrow." Wow, how many ovaries does Starbuck have? Maybe that's why they think she's special. He adds that the subject "will be moved to processing facility for final disposition." Six asks, "Is that regret I hear in your voice, Simon?" Simon replies, "If it is, it certainly is none of your concern." He moves out of view, and Six steps forward so that Starbuck can see her. Starbuck hurries back down the hall.

Back in her room, Starbuck stares around, terrified. She finally sits on the bed and whispers, "Lords of Kobol, please help me." We see her reflection in the cracked mirror as she turns to look at the door.

Commercials. Simon addressing Starbuck by her callsign kind of bugged me because it's such an overused reveal. However, I was really happy that they didn't announce it. Starbuck didn't call him on it immediately, and she didn't have a little private monologue where she suddenly gasped, "Wait, I never told him my nickname!" So I took some comfort in the fact that they respected the audience enough to get it without explaining.

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