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In CIC, Dualla reports that the Raiders should meet the Vipers in two minutes. Tigh looks at the monitors with a hangdog expression. Aw.

Now we'll have some fun! The Vipers run into the Raiders. Hotdog and some other nuggets start firing and spewing a lot of fighter talk. Hotdog turns his Viper hard to the right, and leans hard to the left, which...he shouldn't need to do that, right? Maybe he's full of helium. Pitu-pitu-pitu, a Viper zooms past the camera. A Raider gets hit a few times but keeps on coming. One of the nuggets is hit; a shower of sparks come off the Viper and the pilot screams, "I'm hit! Can't eject!"

In the game room, Starbuck holds her head. Baltar closes his eyes.

A Viper spins around like a Tilt-A-Whirl car in the Raider fire as the pilot shouts, "No joy!" No doubt. Then it's hit again, and kablooey. Another Raider zips through the explosion as the pilot's scream is cut off.

Everyone stands frozen around the game table. Hotdog calls in to say, "Heavily engaged! Mission outcome doubtful." Baltar observes, "This sounds fracking awful." The pilots continue to shout at each other as Starbuck moans that they're being cut to pieces. We hear a pilot bellowing angrily as another shouts, "Move, move!" Adama stares stoically at the board.

Commercials. Poor Moore is still defending himself against the angry fans of the original show. Dude, don't bother.

The Vipers are still in trouble when we return. Adama crosses the room and tells Gaeta to abort the attack.

The Vipers turn back toward the asteroid field and the Galactica. And then another Raptor calls in: "Cylon strike force is turning away from beacon and inbound to Galactica."

Sure enough, we see the Raiders flip over elegantly and turn away from the decoy freighters in the background.

Baltar bustles down to stand next to the game table, so that he can panic without missing anything. The Prez guesses that the Cylons heard the recall order. Baltar asks if the first wave of ninety-odd Raiders is now headed straight for them. Adama says, "That's exactly what it means." Baltar stares at Adama in a way that makes me giggle. They use the model ships to remind us that there's now one small group of Vipers and two very large groups of Raiders all headed for the Galactica. Starbuck allows one corner of her mouth to turn upward a tiny bit. Baltar asks if they're going to launch their reserve fighters to defend the ship. Adama calmly says, "There are no reserve Vipers. Everything is on the board already." Well, sort of, Sneaky McLiarson. Baltar somehow resists the desire to burst into angry tears. Adama says, "Starbuck, it's your plan." Starbuck, looking slightly exultant, crosses the room and quietly asks Gaeta to tell Dualla to send a scrambled message to Apollo saying, "The back door is open." Eek. That gave me a Carnivàle flashback, and in a very bad way.

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