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One of the decoy freighters goes "boom" in a non-exploding way. Moore mentions that this is the Colonial Movers ship from the original show. A cargo container drops off the ship, revealing twelve little Vipers in a neat row. Inside one of them is Apollo, who gives a thumbs-up to the other pilots. The ships drop off the freighter and zoom away.

Another set of Vipers is put on the game board, aimed at the Cylon base, so that the people in the game room can become aware of the ruse without having to waste a lot of time on expository dialogue. I'm telling you, the models are a pretty clever device. Starbuck chews on her thumb as the Prez asks, "Why didn't you tell me we had another attack force hidden in the freighters?" Adama explains, "I routinely restrict tactical details to those who need to know. Old habits die hard." The Prez allows herself a tiny smile and asks if there's still a chance to pull this off. Baltar looks up almost happily. At least, until Adama says that it all depends on Baltar's targeting information. Starbuck notes that there is also the small problem of the many, many Raiders headed straight for them. Adama casually says, "Speaking of which, I'm needed in CIC." Exit Adama.

Whee! Vipers skim over the surface of the asteroid, toward the Cylon base. Along with Apollo are some more nuggets, and...well, some other people I have even less chance of recognizing.

In the game room, Starbuck mutters, "Come on, Lee, it's all on you." Oh, for Christ's sake: shut up, Starbuck. And get out of the way of my cool FX shots.

The Vipers curve around some mountainy bits and swish past a sneaky little Cylon outpost that immediately launches whizzy missiles at them. The Vipers drop some bombs, which hit the ground and go whoof, and a few of the missiles follow them and explode against the ground. The Vipers slow suddenly, and the missiles pass them. Well, except for that one on the right, which hits a Viper. Kaboom!

Kat, another one of the nuggets, looks through her windshield and sees the base, and also a whole mess of stuff being shot into the air. Well, not "air." You know what I mean. She launches her missiles and they swerve out up and out, away from the base. I think the Cylons have flak guns. "What's got into these frackin' missiles?" she moans.

Starbuck complains,"Come on." Honestly, there's a huge opportunity for someone here to become my favorite with one simple punch. Anyone. Even Boomer. Hello?

The pilots guess that the Cylons are jamming the guidance systems on the missiles. Apollo tells them, "Then we get close enough that we don't need the guidance systems. We have to blow this thing manually." Chuckles prepares to attack the base. And then there's a whir and a smash and a hole in his cockpit's windshield. Another pilot shouts, "Chuckles! Chuckles!" which for some reason I find funny. Chuckles is too busy to respond, since the shot that went through his windshield also went through him. He says, "Oh, frack," and dies. Hee. The other pilot starts to tell everyone that Chuckles is a goner, and then her cockpit suddenly explodes around her. I liked that, because I didn't expect it at all.

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