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Starbuck squeezes the bridge of her nose. But at least she's staying quiet. Over the radio, someone says, "They've got our attack axis zeroed in. There's no way to fracking get close." Starbuck thinks there has to be a way. Apollo orders the remaining pilots to get down, out of the flak. He says, "Let's get down below the deck, down where the target is." Baltar listens tensely.

The Cylons send up some more flak, and the camera pulls back to show us that the base is on a sort of plateau. Then the camera pans over and zooms in on an extension of the base built into the side of the plateau. Apollo says, "I've got an idea. I'm gonna take a closer look." Apollo's Viper swooshes over away from the base, dodging fire, and then accelerates away and spins around to face the base again. He zooms down into a valley.

Adama arrives at CIC. Tigh announces, "The first wave of Cylons will be on us in three minutes." Adama tells Dualla to tell the Strike One team, "They can stop running and blast those bastards to hell." Dualla does.

A Raider zooms toward the camera, chased by two Vipers. Hotdog fires, and the Raider goes all splodey.

Apollo zips along at the bottom of a ravine. At the end of the ravine is the extension of the base we saw before. Apollo mutters, "Oh, no, don't do this, Lee..." I begin to understand why nobody finds Baltar all that odd. Apollo tells the others, "The conveyor tunnel's clear, I'm going through it." The chick tells him that he's out of his fracking mind.

CIC. Tigh looks concerned. He doesn't say, "It's crazy...but it just might work." Neither does Adama.

Game room. Starbuck and Gaeta are staring at the blown-up photo of the base (as opposed to the photo of the blown-up base, which is what they'd like to be staring at). The Prez strolls up and asks what's going on. She doesn't say it as casually as I made that sound, but wouldn't it be funny if she did? "Hey gang, what's up?" Gaeta points to the photo and explains that Apollo is flying through the conveyer belt tunnel in the hopes that it leads to the refinery. Baltar asks, "Has he gone raving mad? Because then he could be my BFF!" Er, and he also says that there's no guarantee that the tunnel goes to the refinery.

This is pretty awesome, is what this is. Missiles fly over the base, and then we pan down to the tunnel entrance, which is a big metal scary fortress-looking thing with gears turning below it, and the obligatory red glowing lights. Apollo's Viper pops up to the tunnel and enters. And then it's kind of like Star Wars, but I'm gonna repeat what I said in the recaplet about how strongly it reminds me of Star Fox. The Viper accelerates and decelerates as it goes through this narrow metal tunnel, and there are bits sticking out that Apollo has to dodge, and yowza. Apollo's in the middle of reassuring himself when he gasps, "Oh, Lords." The end of the tunnel is in sight. And it's basically a ninety-degree turn straight up. Apollo slows down abruptly, and then tilts the Viper up and pops out into the middle of the Cylon base. Moore is very happy about the fact that the Viper moves like a spaceship, not an airplane, and he should be. That was fun. Do it again, do it again! But instead, Apollo's Viper slows till it's almost hovering among the buildings or whatever they are.

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