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Credits. So yeah, they changed the opening theme. Just barely. And the main difference is the first five or six notes. I'm not saying that y'all are crazy if you think it's a drastic, obvious change...but I might be thinking it. I have no real opinion about which version of the theme is better, much as I don't have a particular preference between eggshell and off-white.

CIC. Adama, Apollo, Tigh, and Gaeta are going over the information Boomer brought back. Tigh gripes, "Figures the Cylons would be sitting on the only source of fuel within our reach." Gaeta notes that the Cylons are staking out water holes again. Tigh seems unimpressed by the attempt to suck up. We now see that they're looking over a blown-up photo of the base. Apollo points to what he figures is a conveyer belt carrying the ore into a "cracking plant." Tigh seems to be in a particularly argumentative mood. First, he says there's no way that they can defeat the Cylons protecting the base, but then when Apollo says they'll have to search for tylium elsewhere, Tigh basically says that there's no chance of finding any that the Cylons aren't guarding. Adama finally declares: "We take the tylium from the Cylons." Everyone ponders that for a moment, and Tigh starts to argue some more until Adama adds, "We know where they are; they don't know where we are." Apollo asks what will happen if they fail. Has he been paying attention at all? "End of game," Tigh grumps. Adama says, "So we don't fail."

Ready room. Starbuck's got her very own whiteboard! It's hard to make out a couple of lines, but I think it goes like this.

Defeating the Cylon Missile:
1. See it.
2. Put it on your 3-9 line.
3. Countermeasures.
4. Turn hard onto it.
5. Pray.

Heh. Starbuck appears to be about done going over step four with the nuggets: "When the missile gets close enough, you'll be pulling maybe 7 Gs, but to catch you, the bastard's gonna have to pile on 40 to 60. Its guidance system can't hack it, and it'll miss. Most of the time." Chuckles asks what "most of the time" means, and Starbuck basically directs him to step five. Adama enters, and there's standing and as-you-were-ing and the nuggets get a coffee break so that Adama can talk to Starbuck. Adama explains, "Captain Adama and Col. Tigh are working up a plan now, and I need some serious out-of-the-box thinking." Starbuck very seriously answers, "Out of the box is where I live." I hope someone punches her. You know, she wasn't bugging me so much in the past couple of episodes, but she really makes up for lost time in this one.

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