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So anyway, it looks as if Apollo and Tigh are about done presenting their attack plan to Adama and Starbuck. Starbuck sniffs, "It's a textbook-perfect plan. Which is why it won't work." Tigh snarks about her experience, and asks her to remind him when she graduated from War College. Starbuck sips her coffee and asks, "What's the matter, Colonel? Married life not all you expected?" I like how, true to form, Tigh questioned Starbuck's experience, and she made fun of his personal life. Adama puts a stop to the bickering and explains, "I let Starbuck in here because she's not weighed down by conventional thinking. All due respect, gentlemen, we're not as crazy as she is." Eh. Adama asks Starbuck what she'd change about the plan. Starbuck say, "Jumping Galactica in behind the planetoid to hide it from the Cylon base is an obvious move." Apollo translates that to mean that the Cylons may have patrols in that area. Starbuck says, "I would." She says that they should incorporate the patrols into their strategy: "Make their tactics work for us." Apollo and Tigh trade a look, which I'll interpret as "We still hate her, but she has a point." Starbuck starts to outline her own plan.

Cut to some time later; now the Prez has joined in the strategising. Starbuck says that they want three freighters to use as decoys. The Prez observes that they'll have to find room for the freighter passengers on other ships in the fleet. Adama says that's why they want her approval. I'm surprised nobody suggests using the prison ship as a decoy. Starbuck says that the decoys will be at "extreme radar range" from the asteroid. Hey, they have radar, too. So dradis is something else. I guess when they say "dradis," they mean "scanners." The plan is that, when the freighters arrive, they'll broadcast a message indicating that they're a mining fleet unaware of the Cylons. The Cylons will send Raiders out to the freighters, leaving the base "relatively undefended." The Galactica will hide out among the asteroids, with some Raptors positioned to monitor the Cylons. Once the Raiders are out of the way, the Galactica's Vipers will zoom in and destroy the base, which will leave the Raiders without anyplace to rearm or refuel. Throughout all of this, they illustrate each step by sliding the model ships around on the game table. Starbuck concludes, once the base is destroyed, "We'll mop them up, and then we'll take the tylium." The Prez asks about the decoy ships. Apollo says that they'll be ready to go FTL as soon as they need to. Next, the Prez asks about casualties. Tigh grunts, "It'll cost us." The Prez's last question is, what will happen if the Cylons return with reinforcements? Adama figures that they'll have a little time before that happens. Then he claims that if you run and run from a schoolyard bully, he'll keep chasing you, but if you stop and punch him, he'll hesitate before he comes after you again. Er. Maybe. Sometimes if you punch a bully when he doesn't expect it, he gets crazy-paranoid and even more belligerent. On the other hand, once you've tried to exterminate an entire species, I'm not sure if you can really get more belligerent. Where was I? The Prez sums things up: "So it's either this, or run out of fuel and be annihilated." Adama says that sometimes you have to "roll the hard six." Oh, come on, you know they have eight-sided dice. The Prez agrees to give them the freighters, and wishes them good hunting. Adama says they'll start in forty-eight hours.

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