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And now we're in the gym. There's a gym! They're really breaking out the new sets this week. Adama enters and approaches Starbuck, who's exercising her injured leg on a weight machine. He asks how it's going. Starbuck insists that she'll be ready for the attack. Adama kicks in the, um, thingy that holds the weights up, and calmly says that Apollo's going to lead the attack, because Starbuck's grounded. In the sense that she can't fly, not in the sense that she's going to her room without any supper because of her lousy attitude. Although I'd support that, too. Starbuck whines that she's the bestest pilot in the whole wide world. Adama says, "Not right now." Heh. He says that her knee won't be able to take the G-force stress of combat flight. Starbuck nuh-uhs. Adama yuh-huhs. He slides more weights onto the bar, claiming that he's matching the amount of force it takes to operate the pedals on a Viper. Starbuck huffs and straightens her knee, lifting the weight. Adama adds even more weight as he narrates, "Now you're on your attack run. They've launched their missiles, so you gotta jam that pedal into the firewall and hold a 6 G turn for ten seconds, or you die." Starbuck's leg quivers, but she holds the weights up. Adama starts to count down from ten. Starbuck looks pissed, probably because she'd already been holding the full weight for several seconds before Adama started counting. When Adama gets to four, Starbuck's leg buckles. Adama says, "This was only three G's, Starbuck, not six." Oh. Okay, I guess cheating on the count doesn't matter then. Adama tells her that he's sorry, but that she's not going to be flying.

Starbuck and Apollo are going over the plan in front of the big photo of the Cylon base. Well, technically, Starbuck is lecturing Apollo on how to run the attack. Her advice (basically, "stay low") sounds perfectly reasonable, so it's not clear why Apollo suddenly sniffs, "You don't think I'm up to this." Starbuck says, "You'll be fine," in an impressively unconvincing way. Okay, now Apollo's snottiness seems justified. There's a long silence, which I like, because it magnifies the awkwardness. Finally Apollo says, "Look, you're worried that I'm not gonna pull it out of the fire with some high-risk, retina-detaching move, the way Starbuck would." He says he's sorry that she won't be there, and that everyone wishes she were going to be part of the attack force. Apollo concludes, "But this isn't an ego trip, this is my job. And don't think for one moment that I will not get it done." Starbuck says, "I hope so," which, jeez. She sneers, "We've got one shot. Don't frack it up by overthinking." I really don't think Apollo's likely to err in that direction.

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