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Caprica. Day 37. It's pouring down rain, but the sun's shining brightly. Which happens sometimes, but it's fake here. Helo and Boomer are continuing their tour of every location in the greater Vancouver area. Helo mentions that the nice thing about the aftermath of a nuclear war is that nobody minds if you trespass. When you put it that way, it sounds so nice! He wonders why they haven't run into any other survivors. Boomer shrugs that they're probably all hiding in fallout shelters. Helo climbs a ladder up into the loft and says, "Two ways out, and a lovely view. What could be better?" They climb up, and Helo starts to unpack his goody bag while Boomer rests her forehead against a hay bale. Helo asks if she's hungry, and offers her some peanut butter. Boomer takes the jar and sniffs it. Helo continues,"Baked beans. Corn." He eats a spoonful of peanut butter and then offers Boomer some chili. Boomer promptly runs out of view of the camera and pukes. Because she's pregnant, presumably, although I would do the same thing if I smelled peanut butter and then smelled chili. I'm just a fussy eater. Helo looks strangely unconcerned about Boomer's nausea, although he does say, "A simple 'no' would do." He asks if she's been taking her anti-radiation meds. Boomer says that she was probably sick from the cold beans they ate for lunch, and says she's okay. Now I'm feeling queasy. Helo offers Boomer some water, and asks how far she thinks it is to Delphi. Boomer guesses they can be there in eight or ten days. Helo kisses her on the forehead and gives her a little sideways hug.

Flight deck. Apollo is sitting alone, staring at his Viper. Adama descends the stairs and asks, "Can't sleep?" Apollo snaps, "Oh, and I suppose Zak could sleep. Starbuck could sleep. You always hated me because of my not-sleeping! Why won't you stop comparing me to everyone else?" Okay, he doesn't, but he would have, except Adama adds that he couldn't ever sleep the night before a big operation. Apollo stares into space, trying to figure out how he can take offense at something. Adama makes another attempt at conversation, saying that the Mark Two Viper is a good ship. Another long pause. Maybe Apollo actually is asleep with his eyes open. Adama finally says he has something to give Apollo. He hands over a lighter and grunts, "Belonged to your grandfather. My mom bought it for him when he was in law school." Adama points out that "Joseph Adama" is engraved on it. Apollo finally speaks, but only to say that he can barely make out the writing. Which, I swear, is perfectly clear. I'm sure it's an inserted shot and that Apollo wasn't looking at the prop we see in close-up. Either that or they're setting up a subplot about how Adama is an amazing pilot considering that he's blind. Adama mutters, "He was a better father than I was." Apollo kind of nods uncomfortably. Adama says that his father never lost a case when he had the lighter with him. Apollo smirks, smacks the lighter against his leg, and sniffs, "So, you're worried too." Jesus, it's hard to have a conversation with Apollo. He sort of turns away from Adama, who asks what Apollo's talking about. Apollo mopes, "Sometimes it feels like the whole ship thinks Starbuck would do better." If by "better" you mean "without demanding affirmation every two minutes," then I have to agree. Adama says that he doesn't think Starbuck would do a better job, and Apollo makes his Muppet-face as he asks, "How can you be so sure?" See, was that so damn hard? If you want someone to reassure you, that's fine, but just say so. Adama says, "'Cause you're my son." That's a weird answer. But I guess it's what Apollo wanted to hear, since he finally turns and looks at Adama. Adama tells him to get some rest, and starts back upstairs. Apollo calls after him, "I'll bring it back," and waggles the lighter meaningfully. Adama very seriously replies, "You better, or I'll kick your ass. It's a good lighter." Hee. It's an easy joke, but the nice thing about his delivery is, I think he really means that.

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