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Commercials. Moore says they called this the "Big Mac" episode, because it was fun and had combat and was kind of traditional sci-fi adventure. He also says that he thought of the show as primarily a drama, and secondarily science fiction. Which I think is wise, because the problem I have with a lot of sci-fi is that it's only aimed at sci-fi fans.

Caprica. Still raining, and still sunny. I wonder why they wanted it be raining. Originally I thought the rain might be hiding something in the background that doesn't look sufficiently apocalyptic, but we don't really see any landscapes. Maybe it's just maintaining the post-apocalyptic nuclear rain. Boomer rolls over in her sleep, and accidentally smacks her hand into Helo's face. Heh. Helo wakes up and then hears a distant clanking. He wakes Boomer up and scrambles over to the window. Helo scans the road through a pair of binoculars and sees...Six, striding along the road in her lab coat. With her impeccable and clearly dry hair. Helo gasps, "You killed her!" Boomer yanks the binoculars away and uses them to look at the army of robots trailing Six. She switches into panic mode and rushes to pack up their stuff. Helo stammers, "Wait a minute -- I saw her on my lap. I saw her blood spill on my lap!" Boomer's got no time for exposition. She orders Helo to get a move on, and they jump out of the loft and start running. As they race out of the barn, Helo asks, "What the hell is going on?" Hee. I think that I like Helo because he's so very screwed. Boomer says that they'll figure it out later.

The Galactica pops out in the middle of the asteroid field. Huh. I don't know what's more surprising: the fact that they can jump into a space that's probably got at least one hunk of rock in it, or the fact that there hasn't been a long discussion about that fact in the forums.

In the game room, Gaeta says, "Dradis reports nothing but hash, just as we expected. Can't see a thing. Good thing we've got all these models so we can create our own play-by-play simulation." The camera swings around to show Adama, the Prez, and Baltar standing around the gaming table to perform the thankless task of listening to battle reports from the field. The pilots of the decoy freighters broadcast their "Ain't nobody here but us miners, Bre'r Cylon" messages. The model ships are put in place on the board. Adama tells the Prez that now they're just waiting for the Cylons to locate the decoys. He says, "If they take the bait, all hell breaks loose." The Prez asks "Until then?" which is odd, because the natural question to ask there is, "What if they don't?" I'm just saying. Anyway, Adama sniffs, "We wait."

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