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This Is Not A Love Story

Twinset steps up; speaking of Athena. Speaking like Athena: "Hey. Hey! Pilots! You've flown with Cylons. You've flown with Athena, you put your life in her hands, and she hasn't betrayed you. Well, I am the same as her." Helo is... not loving that. "Now all of these Cylons here, all of these people? They're pilots like you, and they're gonna be out in the soup with you, taking out other Cylons, just like Athena does every time she's asked to." They're turning their skins inside out, and nobody knows what they'll look like. They are teaching their people, with blunt force, the last lesson Natalie ever learned, and the first one Sharon did. This isn't a love story. They're expected to be human. Filters. Control. We will be human -- we will be okay -- once we stop doing that which makes us most beautiful. Because nobody told us something better.

"And when that Hub is taken out, all of their lives will be at risk." A scared Eight; a scared Six. Hotdog gets it. Seelix and Pike, predictably less so. "Just like yours. So you might want to think about how you're gonna work together, because we're all dead if you don't." They chill out and Helo momma-dogs them some more. "Moving on..."


This is good too. If you ever wondered what ecclesiastical debate looks like to the rest of us; if you ever wondered why wars happen... "Just go and ask it already," Gaius sniffs, and Roslin tries, speaking to the Hybrid like a constituent, or a dull child with a secret. "I've been told that you said something about an Opera House, and I..." she interrupts herself, looking at Gaius: "-- Because it seems pointless." The acting in this scene is so fucking awesome and hilarious, it's the best. Gaius tries, speaking slightly louder and more intensely: "Look, there was an Opera House. An Opera House. Are you listening to me? Apparently I was in the Opera House..." Not to be outdone, Laura interrupts like a kid with a report card: "I had a vision! I was chasing after a little girl, I came to a door, I saw Dr. Baltar and the Six take the child."

The Hybrid cares just about this much. ...Close the doors... Laura shrugs, her eyes still wild. "She's not listening." ...protect the child... "Protect the child! She said 'protect the child,' that's what Caprica said!" Gaius doesn't listen. Nobody's listening to anybody. They need to let some shit caress their associative minds or something.

"You told me I was the one holding the child, so obviously I was the one protecting the child, wasn't I? In the Opera House..." Laura shakes her head: ain't no motherfucker gonna tell her vision, or interpret it. Least of all her: "No, no, no. It wasn't at all clear what you were doing. Let me listen." Nobody's stopping you from listening; nobody ever was. But the intention is solid: ...booting up, booting up... These marginal prophets, right here on the prophecy margin, looking God in the face and watching Her boot up, and they're arguing semantics and fighting like the Twins. This is the best episode since just ever.

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