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This Is Not A Love Story

"Just love someone."

This is a love story.


"Love. Huh."

Laura watches the President flatline; her eyes jump to Bill's face, as he stares at the screen. He leans over slowly, and kisses her lips, so tenderly, and falls by her side.

"You go. You go. You go to your rest now. I'm not gonna be selfish anymore. You go. Rest."

She is so beautiful.

Bill removes his wedding band from a shaking hand, and puts it on her finger. The right hand, for a widow.

Laura stares. Something inside her stirs, and begins to move.


Laura wakes with a start. How much time has passed? An eternity. A split-second jump. A lacuna on the barge. A bandage lies on the floor, in a pool of blood. She puts on her glasses.

Panicking, Laura rushes to his side, takes his pulse, begs him to stay.

"Please, no. Stop bleeding. More bandages... Stop the bleeding, stop the bleeding... OH!" she chokes, as he stirs. "Okay, good. Don't go..."

"All right," says Twinset. "We've got get D'Anna to the control room..." Helo shakes his head; he knew this part was coming. "That's not the plan." Eight's confused: what plan? Three fairly giggles. Of course there's a lie.

"Please don't go, Gaius. Please. I don't know how..." Laura sets up a saline drip for Gaius, talking herself through it, shaking. Standing against the darkness. "All right, put it in..."

"I have to take her directly to the President. No one else." Eight protests: that wasn't the deal. "I'm just doing what she told me to do, okay?" For once. Three smirks. "Double-dealing. It's very human. You never got that, Eight." Her lip curls. There's nothing nihilistic in your comedy, when you've looked upon the face of God. It's funny because it's funny; like rubber bugs, jumping.

"No more. No more, don't go. Please don't... die. Live. Please, live. Don't go."

You want to talk about miracles? Laura Roslin falls upon his chest, her head to his heart, holding down the bandage. Holding him together with her hands. If you love them you love all of them, because you're the woman that stands in the dark: but you have to start with one. She already loves them, she gets that part: "Them," she gets. The forest she's protecting when she cuts down the trees one by one. Right here, right in front of her, in his little shirt and his hair: a man whose pain is very real. The singular entity that is Gaius Baltar, who is in trouble.

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