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This Is Not A Love Story

Open the door. Love someone.


"I'm not saying I agree. I'm saying it's my orders."

Twinset is ashamed. "So I pretty much just made a prize fool of myself, didn't I? Trust." She backs away, disgusted. Helo feels crappy -- who is this girl to him? -- and Three peeks at him: "Can we go find the President now?" He takes her hand, and they run.

Laura Roslin is lying in a rack, looking at Gaius. Planting a tree. Loving someone. She sits when they enter; Three runs to Gaius. Laura watches her tend to him; he smiles dimly up at her. "Gaius, it's me..."

"The Hub's been destroyed," Helo reports. "Good," she says. "Don't let anyone in here. Whatever it takes." He nods, without hesitating; she thanks him and he leaves.

"He's injured, but I think he's going to survive." Laura considers Three; this strange woman. "I think it's gonna be a long time jumping back." Laura nods, and smiles to herself. "I've got time." She does.

"Is that right? Well, you went to a lot of trouble to bring me here. Deceiving your so-called allies. I suppose you've got some questions for me." Three takes her place behind the desk; Laura speaks to her like a person. "Yes, I do. I'd like to talk about the five Cylons in my Fleet." Three looks at her, measuring out her words. "So you know about the Final Five." They're supposed to know the way to Earth. "But you don't know that you're one of them?" Laura is shocked. She thinks, considers that. She doesn't feel different; she doesn't feel disgusting, or evil, or anything she should be feeling...

Three laughs uproariously at her, and Laura rolls her eyes, perturbed.

"Your face! Oh, it's ridiculous! No, look, I'm not giving you any names." Laura nods, conceding that, given the circumstances and the generally heightened air, that was kind of a good burn. "Not until I feel like I'm safe, because information is all I got, sweetie. I'm mortal now. In fact, I'm the only Three in the whole darn universe. So I gotta worry about protecting myself. I'll tell you who the Final Five are when you take me back to your Fleet." Laura nods. That makes sense. "Oh, and by the way, Laura? I would've said the same thing if you'd met me with a whole lot of Cylons, because I don't trust anyone right now. So all this deception? Complete waste of time."

Laura nods, and smiles wisely. It usually is.


Laura sits in the Hybrid Chamber, knees up to her chest like a girl, staring down at the beautiful creature in the water, listening to her whisper music. This strange, lovely world. remove the pump with the attached hose and wiring simultaneously release the three tangs while pulling the pump out of the retainer along with the line and wiring...

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Battlestar Galactica




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