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It's like the Laura thing altogether: once she's burned the prophecies and refused medication for her terminal illness, what the fuck else can she possible do to stop being the bad guy? Nothing, same as the Cylons. I don't get it. It makes sense on the playground, or in some queer Quaker fantasy where fairness is the operating principle, but in real adult life, it makes no sense. It just seems like more excuses for shitty behavior, because there's no real justification for it, not even emotionally for you. If somebody else loses their eye, you're still going to be blind: you're just going to be the blind asshole that took somebody else's eye. How does that help anybody? I don't really understand grudges. I mean, I get conflict because it's how you solve problems, but once the problem is solved, I don't understand still being angry. It just seems tacky.

Athena finally tells Caprica to STFU, so Caprica goes to baseline, holding Hera tight. Maybe they'll be held there long enough for Caprica to give birth, and the Crazy Six Baby Math that said Chip Six and Gaius's baby would be born there will get even stupider. Athena, assessing the facts on the ground and not the weird personal issues everybody's bringing to the table, realizes that whoever is doing this shit, they're going to be the new face of humanity. Which means they're going to be negotiating with the Cylons in the Basestar, which means everybody in the brig -- Fightin' Agathons, Caprica and Hera, Sam; Chief and Tigh if they can catch them -- is just a hostage to the coup. "Especially you," she whispers to Sam, and he is so fed up with all this BS he just straight up goes, "Dude, I am worthless. I'm still not sure why everybody thinks I'm so special." She tells him to keep schtum about that, then, and he nods. He should totally rig up some weird Final Five shit, pull some kind of Dread Pirate Roberts trick where he's like, "Did you know I can bring the sun out of its orbit and shoot it through your face?" And they would go, "Really?" And the Cylons would be like, "Um, probably? We don't actually know. Sounds scary, though!"

0913. The Twins make their way down the corridor with yelling all around; everybody's covered in blood spatters and there are people shooting at the Marines, going past in different directions, all in a separate madness, the maximum chaos that Felix has created and still thinks he's doing something worthwhile. A loyalist holds up his gun and goes, "Whoa, whoa" when they come upon him. It's all just running around.

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