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0934. Vireem and Gage are both on CIC, because like any frat guys they like to both rape and work together, because boys are creepy. Felix gages Redwing's Marines to the Engine Room to quell a fight. Redwing's been pissed since the Hub, so it's not surprising he would be a part of this. I just can't imagine so many people who give up on the military hierarchy itself, with random pilots being put in charge of Marine squads and random deck people operating the bridge. I don't get that. It's very scary. Gage starts to freak out when Gaeta mentions sending death squads to the Engine Room, looking to Vireem because those are their people, and Felix tells him to pull it together as coldly as Cain ever did: "Specialist Gage. Stay with us."

0942. Galen's directing the cult to fortify their position, while Gaius is preparing to get the fuck out of there. He reiterates many a time that he has no desire to leave them, but after all he is in terrible danger: "If they're coming for anyone, they're coming for me," he says. Mostly he's just looking for a way out of this, because his cult is sort of pointless now that God has screwed them over, and he's tired. Turns out even having an actual cult devoted to you is not that interesting after awhile, and that's like Gaius's own personal Earth right there. But once you've screwed all of them a hundred times, it all starts to seem kind of shallow. Jeanne cries that it's their fault he has to leave, because they can't protect him, and he's like, whatever, and she gives him some kind of empty religious gear, and as the gunfire starts up outside she buries her head in his lap. He gets very weirded out and runs away, laughing nervously, to have a strained conversation with Galen, who couldn't be less interested in his mess.

Gaius: Say loudly in front of everybody that I have to get out of here.
Galen: All we have is, there are people running around outside, and three hours ago Racetrack lied about a fuel leak.
Gaius: So that's all about me, then.
Galen: No, it's all about how the hangar deck, CIC, weapons and comms are down, and we are all seriously fucked.
Gaius: Also me? In particular?
Galen: [wanders away talking on a walkie]
Gaius: There you have it, folks: my martyrdom, part XXIII.
Everybody: We still have it in us to care.

Jeanne tries to give him some kind of fucking knickknack, filling up his suitcases as quickly as he's emptying them like some octopod grandmother, and he cutely tries to get out of her clutches; outside, Kara and Lee have arrived with the president. Unluckily, it's Crazy Smiting Paulla standing guard right now, and you know she's itching to fight somebody worse than even Kara, so finally Chief has to come up and tell her to move along so he can talk to Laura like a sane person. He doesn't even question why she wants to talk to Gaius, just straight up tells her what she needs to know first: they've marched Bill off CIC and down to the brig, trust no comms at all, and the loyalists are using walkies now. "The hangar deck's lost to us," he tells Lee. "If you can get your father to the secondary storage bay within the hour, I'll get him off the ship." Roslin sends the Twins off to find Bill, and she'll deal with the Fleet from here.

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